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Riding electric scooters in Adelaide

Riding electric scooters in Adelaide

Riding electric scooters in Adelaide

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As more commuters prefer efficient and affordable personal transportation, more cities in Australia are allowing electric scooters and other personal micro-mobility devices on the road. The City of Adelaide is just one of the few cities in Australia that’s conducting e-scooter trials. Since the trial, electric scooters in Adelaide have become a popular and convenient way to get around the city. If you are planning to ride or buy an electric scooter in Adelaide, here are some guidelines that you should know.

Electric scooter law in Adelaide

According to South Australia’s e-scooter law, personal electric scooters are prohibited from being ridden in public roads and spaces. South Australia considers electric scooters as motorised wheeled recreational devices. Because of this, e-scooter riders must register their e-scooter, have a license, and get insurance for their e-scooter. However, since e-scooters don’t meet the safety standards of the Australian Design Rules, electric scooters in South Australia are not allowed for registration. As a result, private e-scooters are illegal to ride in public.

However, electric scooter law in SA has allowed electric scooter trials in the City of Adelaide back in February 2020. However, locals and tourists in Adelaide may only ride electric scooters from approved e-scooter operators within select trial areas. This means locals can buy electric scooters in Adelaide but can’t ride them in public.

Electric scooter trials in Adelaide

The only Adelaide electric scooter operators allowed to be ridden in public are units from Beam and Neuron. The City of Adelaide has permitted the two operators to run an e-scooter share program under certain rules and within specific locations. Commuters can access Beam and Neuron e-scooters by downloading their app. Both operators use their app to find e-scooters and unlock the shared e-scooters.

After stopping the trial during the pandemic, the City of Adelaide has allowed the e-scooter program to operate again as it recovers from the effects of the pandemic. For the riders’ safety, Beam and Neuron are required to clean the e-scooters regularly, track the e-scooter usage for contact tracing, and cooperate with health authorities.

Aside from e-scooter trials for the public, South Australia has also announced an e-scooter trial for SA police officers. The e-scooter trial will be conducted within the Adelaide CBD and will aim to help the police patrol the area efficiently. An e-scooter trial for police officers is a first in the country.

Where to use electric scooters in Adelaide

Beam and Neuron electric scooters may be ridden in Adelaide and North Adelaide, along the Coastal Park Trail, and within the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters. The trial for North Adelaide is currently in place until 31 October 2021.

Electric scooter safety requirements

Locals and tourists riding shared electric scooters in Adelaide are required to comply with the following road rules. Riders must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Wear an approved and fitted helmet.
  • Ride on footpaths and shared paths unless it is prohibited.
  • Ride on the road when crossing or avoiding obstacles. If travelling on a road, riders must travel less than 50m, keep to the left, and obey traffic signals.
  • Not ride on a road with a dividing line or median strip, a speed limit of over 50 km/h, and a one-way road with more than one marked lane. Shared e-scooter riders may also not travel on prohibited roads.
  • Not ride on bike and bus lanes.
  • Use a warning device, such as a bell or horn, to avoid danger.
  • Ride safely and responsibly with consideration for other people.
  • Use a white front light and a red rear light when riding at night or in harsh conditions.
  • Not exceed 15 km/h.
  • Not ride abreast.
  • Not carry passengers.
  • Not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Not use their mobile phone while riding.
  • Not carry their scooter on public transport.

    For more information on riding electric scooters in Adelaide, read the rules for motorised scooters in South Australia and shared e-scooter trials in Adelaide.

    Electric scooter repair shops in Adelaide

    For e-scooter owners, there are several available electric scooter repair shops in Adelaide, SA. To get an electric scooter repair in Adelaide, you may visit your local electric scooter repair shop or drop by your local retailer.

    For Mearth electric scooter owners, you may fill out the form to request a repair. If a component can be replaced, Mearth will inform you of the cost of the component and the component will be up for an online order. If it is not replaceable, the customer will need to send the product to our office in Sydney for repairs.

    Shop for electric scooters in Adelaide

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