Choosing Your E-Scooter: Find the Perfect Ride for You! | Mearth Electric Scooter

A Simple Question: What Electric Scooter Should You Get?

Mearth Australia has it all for you, but with this thought in mind, the choosing can be tough. What electric scooter should you really get? 

Three Choices: S, RS or City?

The Mearth S electric scooter stands out as an ideal choice for beginners or those seeking a straightforward, lightweight solution for short urban commutes. Its modest motor power, rated at 350W with a maximum output of 750W, provides sufficient thrust for city travel without overwhelming new riders. The e-scooter's 180 Wh battery is hot-swappable, a unique feature that adds convenience, and its quick 3-4 hour charging time ensures it's ready to go with minimal downtime. Additionally, the Mearth S's compact design, featuring an 8.5-inch wheel diameter and a weight of just 12.5 kg, makes it highly portable and easy to maneuver in crowded urban settings. With a top speed of 32 kph and a range of 15-25 km, it perfectly meets the needs of daily city commuting, offering a simple yet efficient mode of transport.

In contrast, the Mearth City is designed to strike a balance between robust features and practical performance, making it well-suited for regular urban use. It comes equipped with a more powerful 450W motor and a larger battery (Li-ion 13Ah 36v), enabling a longer range of up to 50 km, albeit with a slightly reduced top speed of 25 km/h compared to the Mearth S. This scooter's larger 10-inch wheels and 2.7 ultra-wide tyres ensure a more stable and comfortable ride, suitable for varied urban terrains. Additionally, its waterproof rating of IPX4 makes it more adaptable to different weather conditions. The Mearth City's increased weight of 19 kg is a trade-off for its enhanced capabilities and features, including a better climbing angle of 20°, catering to users who require a more versatile and resilient scooter for everyday urban travel.

The Mearth RS, on the other hand, is the epitome of performance in the Mearth electric scooter lineup, specifically designed for those who prioritize speed and range. It boasts a powerful 500W motor with a peak output of 850W, propelling it to a high top speed of 40 kph. Its substantial battery capacity (36V/15.6 Ah) supports an impressive range of 60-65 km, making it ideal for longer, more demanding journeys. The Mearth RS also excels in climbing capability, with a maximum grade of 25%, and features an advanced HD display for enhanced rider interface. Its robust design includes 10-inch wheels and a substantial weight of 23 kg, signifying its focus on durability and performance. This scooter is tailored for enthusiasts and long-distance commuters who need a high-performing, feature-rich electric scooter capable of tackling more challenging rides and terrains.

The Comparison You Need to Know

1. Motor Power:

  • Mearth S: Rated at 350W with a max output of 750W.

  • Mearth City: Comes with a 450W motor.

  • Mearth RS: Offers a more powerful 500W motor with a peak of 850W.

Analysis: The Mearth RS stands out in terms of power, making it potentially better for speed and climbing. The Mearth S, while less powerful, could be more efficient for city commuting.

2. Battery and Charging:

  • Mearth S: 180 Wh battery, hot-swappable, 3-4 hours charging.
  • Mearth City: Li-ion 13Ah 36v, 6-7 hours charging.
  • Mearth RS: 36V/15.6 Ah battery, hot-swappable, 8-9 hours charging.

Analysis: Mearth S has the advantage of quick charging, but Mearth City offers a balance between capacity and charging time. Mearth RS has the largest battery, suitable for longer trips but with longer charging times.

3. Speed and Range:

  • Mearth S: Max speed of 32 kph, 15-25 km range.
  • Mearth City: Max speed of 25 km/h, up to 50 km range.
  • Mearth RS: Tops at 40 kph, with a 60-65 km range.

Analysis: Mearth RS clearly leads in both speed and range, ideal for long-distance and faster commutes. Mearth City, while slower, offers a decent range, suitable for urban environments. Mearth S is more for short, quick trips.

4. Physical Dimensions and Weight:

  • Mearth S: Lightest at 12.5 kg, smaller wheel diameter (8.5 inches).
  • Mearth City: Weighs 19 kg, larger 10-inch wheels.
  • Mearth RS: Heaviest at 23 kg, also with 10-inch wheels.

Analysis: The Mearth S's light weight makes it more portable and easy to handle, especially in crowded city environments. The larger wheel size of City and RS models provides better stability and comfort.

5. Additional Features:

  • Mearth S: Simple LED display, good climbing grade (15%).
  • Mearth City: IPX4 waterproof level, better climbing angle (20°).
  • Mearth RS: Advanced HD Display, highest climbing grade (25%).

Analysis: The RS model is feature-rich, suitable for enthusiasts looking for high performance and advanced features. The City model's waterproof rating adds practicality for varied weather conditions. The S model, being more basic, is ideal for beginners or those preferring simplicity.

The Choice is Here, The Choice is Yours

In conclusion, the Mearth electric scooter range, encompassing the Mearth S, Mearth City, and Mearth RS, offers diverse options tailored to varying user needs and preferences. The Mearth S, with its lightweight design, moderate power, and quick charging capabilities, emerges as the ideal choice for beginners or city commuters seeking a simple, efficient mode of transportation for short distances. Its ease of use and portability make it an excellent option for navigating the bustling urban environment.

The Mearth City, meanwhile, represents a perfect middle ground, balancing enhanced features with practical performance. Its larger battery and wheel size, combined with a waterproof design, make it a versatile choice for regular urban users who require a reliable, comfortable scooter for daily use. The extended range and moderate speed cater well to the needs of city dwellers who travel longer distances within urban landscapes.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Mearth RS caters to performance-oriented users. Its superior motor power, extended range, and advanced features are designed for those who demand high speed and longer travel distances. Ideal for enthusiasts and long-distance commuters, the Mearth RS stands out for its ability to handle more challenging terrains and longer journeys, offering an unparalleled riding experience.

Each model in the Mearth Electric Scooters lineup is thoughtfully designed, ensuring that there is an electric scooter to suit every type of rider, whether they prioritize simplicity, balanced performance, or high-end capabilities.