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Mearth GTS Air 2024 Electric Scooter

Mearth GTS Air 2024 Electric Scooter


Mearth GTS Air 2024 Electric Scooter


The Mearth GTS Air, is known to be the Gran Turismo Air e     lectric scooter of the well-loved homegrown Australian electric scooter company, Mearth. The Mearth GTS Air boasts a powerful high-performance dual motor (48V 2*600W) electric scooter with a sizable 48V 15.6A lithium battery that can run speeds of up to 40-50 km/h in unlimited mode for...

The Mearth GTS Air, is known to be the Gran Turismo Air e     lectric scooter of the well-loved homegrown Australian electric scooter company, Mearth. The Mearth GTS Air boasts a powerful high-performance dual motor (48V 2*600W) electric scooter with a sizable 48V 15.6A lithium battery that can run speeds of up to 40-50 km/h in unlimited mode for an impressive 35-55 km mileage. Yet even if it is feature-rich, with an enhanced performance, it is remarkably portable, even lightweight (24.95 kg only) for the able-bodied–now that’s impressive!

Additionally, it features front & rear drum brakes, electric brakes, and 800*60MM solid tyres with front & rear spring suspension for a smooth ride. The aluminum alloy frame adds durability, and the deck lights along with acrylic side lights enhance visibility and awesomeness. As for the drum break, the biggest advantage is its reliability, less maintenance needed, and no squeaky sound.

The combination of these features makes it the most-wanted electric scooter, emphasizing its robust and versatile characteristics.

Detailed Description:

Dual Motor Power

48V 2*600W (Twin Power):  The Mearth GTS Air features a dual-motor setup, each motor having a power rating of 600 watts, and operating at the voltage of 48 volts. The twin power configuration essentially doubles the power output to 1200 watts. This increased power would significantly enhance the e-scooter's acceleration and its ability to climb steeper inclines. It's suited for riders seeking higher performance, especially in environments requiring more power, like hilly areas or for off-road adventures.

In both cases, the 48V indicates the voltage level of the electric system, which is a common standard in electric scooters, providing an optimal balance between power output and battery efficiency. The wattage (2*600W) denotes the power capacity of the motor, influencing the e-scooter top speed, acceleration, and climbing ability.

Battery, Speed and Range

The Mearth GTS Air features a 48V 15.6A lithium battery, which can be described in the following way:

48V: This refers to the voltage of the battery. A 48-volt system is quite common in electric scooters and indicates a higher power level compared to lower voltage systems like 24V or 36V. Higher voltage typically leads to more efficient power delivery, better performance, and can contribute to a higher top speed which is why the Mearth GTS Air can travel 45-50 km/h (twin power) for 35-55 km.

15.6A: This is the battery's ampere-hour (Ah) rating, which measures its capacity. A 15.6 ampere-hour battery can deliver 15.6 amps of current for one hour. The higher the Ah rating, the larger the energy storage capacity of the battery. This directly affects the range of the e-scooter; a 15.6Ah battery can provide a good balance of weight and range, offering a decent distance per charge depending on the e-scooter motor efficiency and the riding conditions.

Lithium Battery: The use of lithium-ion technology is standard in electric scooters due to its advantages over other types of batteries. Lithium batteries are known for their high energy density, relatively lightweight, and carries a long life cycle. They are also more environmentally friendly compared to lead-acid batteries and have a lower self-discharge rate.

The Mearth GTS Air’s 48V 15.6A lithium battery is a high-voltage, medium-capacity power source that provides a balance of range, efficiency, and performance. For this type of battery, it takes about 7.5 hours charging time to get it running at full capacity and expected range. Its lithium-ion technology ensures a lightweight design, longevity, and consistent power delivery, enhancing the overall experience of the scooter.

Brakes and Tyres

Front & Rear Drum Brakes: The Mearth GTS Air e-scooter is equipped with drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Drum brakes are a type of mechanical brake system enclosed in a drum-like casing attached to the wheel. When the brake is applied, brake shoes push outwards against the inner surface of the drum, creating friction to slow down or stop the e-scooter. Drum brakes are known for their durability and effectiveness in various weather conditions, providing consistent performance with relatively low maintenance. It is very responsive and keeps the rider safe.

Front & Rear Electric Brakes: In addition to the mechanical drum brakes, the e-scooter also features electric brakes on both the front and rear. Electric brakes typically work by reversing the motor's polarity or using regenerative braking, which not only slows the e-scooter down but also helps recharge the battery. This dual braking system (mechanical and electric) ensures better control and safety, offering a more effective and responsive braking experience.

800*60MM Solid Tyres: The Mearth GTS Air e-scooter is fitted with solid tyres measuring 800mm in diameter and 60mm in width. Solid tyres, also known as airless tyres, are made of a solid rubber compound and do not require air inflation. This eliminates the risk of punctures, making them virtually maintenance-free. The size of the tyres (800mm diameter) indicates a larger wheel, which can offer better stability and smoothness in the ride, particularly on uneven surfaces. However, solid tyres might offer less shock absorption compared to pneumatic tyres.

The Mearth GTS Air's combination of front and rear drum and electric brakes provides a reliable and effective braking system, enhancing rider safety. The large solid tyres offer a maintenance-free solution, ensuring durability and puncture resistance, though with a potential trade-off in shock absorption compared to air-filled tyres. This setup makes the e-scooter well-suited for urban commuting, where reliability and low maintenance are key considerations.

Design and Conquer

The Mearth GTS Air comes in Mearth’s signature, iconic black and red colors with the brand logo in the non-slip foot pad and the stem. The design features can be described focusing on its lighting system and construction material as well.

Front Deck Light & Rear Deck Light: The e-scooter is equipped with lights on both the front and rear decks. These lights enhance visibility and safety, especially when riding in low-light conditions. The front deck light helps illuminate the path ahead, making it easier for the rider to see the road, while the rear deck light increases the e-scooter's visibility to others from behind, which is crucial for safe riding in traffic or crowded areas.

Acrylic Side Lights: Additionally, the Mearth GTS Air e-scooter features acrylic side lights. These lights are likely integrated into the sides of the e-scooter, providing lateral visibility. This not only adds to the safety by making the e-scooter more visible from the sides, but also contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and modern look. Acrylic is a durable material known for its clarity and resistance to weather, ensuring the lights remain clear and bright over time.

Ultra Strong Aluminum Alloy 6061: The construction of the e-scooter utilizes aluminum alloy 6061, which is known for its strength and lightweight properties. This type of aluminum alloy is often used in high-stress applications due to its good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It contributes to the e-scooter's durability and stability, while keeping it light enough for easy handling and portability. The use of such a high-grade material indicates a focus on quality and longevity in the e-scooter's design.

The Mearth GTS Air's design integrates practical and safety-enhancing features like front and rear deck lights and side lights for increased visibility. The use of acrylic in the lighting elements adds durability and a modern touch. The construction with ultra-strong aluminum alloy 6061 ensures a robust, stable, yet lightweight design, making the e-scooter suitable for regular use in a variety of urban environments.

Selling Point

Experience the ultimate blend of style, performance, and reliability with the Mearth GTS Air electric scooter. This cutting-edge e-scooter is designed to elevate your urban commuting with its powerful dual motor setup, offering an exhilarating ride with up to 1200 watts of peak power. 

Navigate city streets effortlessly with the smooth ride provided by the large, maintenance-free solid tyres, ensuring durability and stability on various terrains. Safety is paramount, and the GTS Air excels with its advanced front and rear drum brakes coupled with electric braking, offering unparalleled control and stopping power. 

Illuminate your path with the integrated front, rear, and acrylic side lights, enhancing visibility for both you and others on the road. Constructed from ultra-strong aluminum alloy 6061, this e-scooter is not only robust but also portable and lightweight for those able-bodied, making it easy to carry and store. 

With its sleek design and top-tier features, the Mearth GTS Air is not just a mode of transportation, but a statement of modern mobility. Elevate your daily commute and join the e-scooter revolution with the Mearth GTS Air – where efficiency meets exhilaration.

Product Specification

Dual Motor Power

48V 2*600W (twin power)

Lithium Battery

48V 15.6A lithium battery

Mileage / Range

35-55 km (depends on different riding mode)

Max Speed

25 km/h (limited)

45-50 km/h (unlimited)


Front deck light + Rear deck light + Acrylic side lights

Braking System

Front & Rear drum brake + Front & rear electric brake

Tyre Size

800*60MM (solid)


Front & Rear spring suspension

Steering Positioning

Yes (left/right 45-60°)

Charging Time (hour)

Around 7.5 h

Net Weight (kgs)

24.95 kg

Package Size (cm)


Product Size

1165*580*1180mm (L*W”H)

Body Frame

Ultra strong aluminum alloy 6061