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Mearth GTS Air Electric Scooter


The Mearth GTS Air, is known to be the Gran Turismo Air electric scooter of the well-loved homegrown Australian electric scooter company, Mearth. The Mearth GTS Air boasts a powerful high-performance dual motor (48V 2*600W) electric scooter with a sizable 48V 15.6A lithium battery that can run speeds of up to 40-50 km/h in unlimited mode for an impressive 35-55 km mileage. Yet even if it is feature-rich, with an enhanced performance, it is remarkably portable, even lightweight (24.95 kg only) for the able-bodied–now that’s impressive!

Additionally, it features front & rear drum brakes, electric brakes, and 800*60MM solid tyres with front & rear spring suspension for a smooth ride. The aluminum alloy frame adds durability, and the deck lights along with acrylic side lights enhance visibility and awesomeness. As for the drum break, the biggest advantage is its reliability, less maintenance needed, and no squeaky sound.

The combination of these features makes it the most-wanted electric scooter, emphasizing its robust and versatile characteristics.

Detailed Description:

Dual Motor Power

48V 2*600W (Twin Power):...