Due to the electric scooter’s convenience, efficiency, and affordability, more people are choosing to ride them for daily commutes or leisurely activities. Moreover, e-scooters have become a safe way for people to travel during the pandemic as it allows riders to physically distance themselves from other people while riding. However,...

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Most e-scooter riders use their electric scooters during the daytime to help travel to work, school, and other places efficiently. However, if you are one of the few riders who use them at night or if you need to suddenly ride them at night, then you should know that the...

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Knowing how to charge your electric scooter properly is a major factor in getting the most from your e-scooter and making it last longer. You might think that charging an e-scooter is straightforward. In fact, it is. However, many riders don’t know how to charge e-scooters the right way. So,...

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