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Electric Scooters

Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter

Free Shipping anywhere in Australia Designed for people and powered by innovation. Get back the freedom and control over how you travel with the Mearth X Pro e-scooter. Quick Information:...
$850.00 $749.00
Electric Scooters

Mearth S Pro Electric Scooter

Choose the Ride that Fits Your StyleThe Mearth S Pro gives you 20kms more. Reach more ground with it's hot-swappable battery feature. Enjoy longer riding hours and be a star...
$1,099.00 $999.00
Electric Scooters

Mearth S Electric Scooter

Reliable Disc BrakesRide with safety. The Mearth S disc brakes has passed industry standard testing and is the safest and best type of e-scooter brakes in the market. Get strong...
Electric Scooters

Mearth GTS MAX – Electric Scooter

Free Shipping anywhere in Australia Important information Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters(including where e-scooters can...
Electric Scooters

Mearth GTS – Electric Scooter

The Mearth GTS series is a premium, foldable electric scooter designed for the everyday commuter and off-road traveller. Made from quality materials and powerful technology, the Mearth GTS series provides...
$2,267.00 $1,999.00