A Limited-Time Opportunity: Macca's x Monopoly Campaign | Mearth Electric Scooter

A Limited-Time Opportunity: Macca's x Monopoly Campaign

A Limited-Time Opportunity: Macca's x Monopoly Campaign

Now’s Your Last Few Chances

As the clock counts down, the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch across the Land Down Under. The Macca's x Monopoly campaign is in full swing, and it's a whirlwind of excitement for Aussies. Whether you're a fast-food fanatic, a Monopoly maven, or someone who's been yearning for the thrill of an electric scooter, this time-limited extravaganza is an absolute must. 

You heard me right, time-limited extravaganza alright. The Macca's Monopoly campaign has been running since September 6, 2023 and only until October 29, 2023. Eligible purchases can be made until October 24, 2023, so mark your calendar to ensure you don't miss out.

Yes, don’t dare miss your chance to win a remarkable Mearth Electric Scooter and a treasure trove of other fantastic prizes.

Prize Pool and Featured Prizes

The Macca's x Monopoly campaign boasts a staggering prize pool worth over $786 million, and within this treasure trove, Mearth Electric Scooters shine brightly. However, these e-scooters are not the only stars of this show. The lineup includes well-renowned brands such as Isuzu, Klook, Oppo, TCL, OZSale, Philips, Groupon, DeLonghi, Morphy Richards, Yamaha, and many more. Prizes span from travel experiences and cash to exciting items that could enhance your everyday life.

How to Play and Win Big

Participating in this exciting campaign is a breeze, and the potential for big wins is within reach. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to join in the fun:

  1. Play: Start your journey by visiting your local Macca's and making a purchase from any eligible menu item.

  1. Scan: Equip yourself with the MyMacca’s app and use it to scan the tickets from your meal. Scanning tickets not only opens up opportunities to redeem exciting prizes but also enters you into a thrilling second chance draw.

  1. Win: Hold your breath as you take your chances, with a thrilling one in four shot at winning from the eye-watering prize pool of over $786 million. Each scan could be the one that changes your life.

Double the Fun with Double Play

Why settle for one chance when you can double the fun? The campaign offers a unique opportunity to amplify your winning prospects through the following methods:

On-Pack Play: Keep an eye out for tickets on eligible items, and get ready for a second round of winning chances on the MyMacca’s app. More tickets mean more chances to win.

Ways to Amplify Your Winning Chances

The Macca's x Monopoly campaign provides various avenues to increase your chances of winning. From instant wins to collecting property tickets, here's how you can enhance your odds:

Instant Win: Peel, scan, and find out immediately if you're an instant winner. It's a quick and thrilling way to score prizes.

Chance Card: Utilize your chance card in the MyMacca’s app for an exhilarating 1 in 4 opportunity to win. This card can be your key to remarkable rewards.

Collect to Win: Gather property tickets and chart your path to claiming significant wins. The more tickets you collect, the closer you get to big prizes.

The Road to Winning Starts with a Single Step

To embark on your journey to winning, head to your nearest Macca's with your favorite electric scooter (if you don’t have one yet, this is your chance to win one!) or order through McDelivery®. Every purchase of a participating menu item brings you closer to one of the 62 million fabulous prizes eagerly waiting to be won. With these exceptional odds, you might just find yourself scooting away on a brand new electric scooter from Mearth.

Bonus Chance Cards

For those looking to boost their winning chances exponentially, there's an opportunity to earn +3 bonus digital Chance Cards. These valuable cards are yours when you redeem rewards worth 5000 or 7500 points. Keep a close watch on your app, as the bonus cards will appear within 7 days, giving you even more shots at the incredible prizes.

TikTok on the Clock

In Australia, the clock is ticking for the Macca's x Monopoly campaign. It's a time-limited opportunity to win a Mearth Electric Scooter and numerous other incredible prizes. Whether you're a fan of fast food, a Monopoly enthusiast, or simply looking to win a fantastic e-scooter, this campaign has something for everyone. Head to your nearest Macca's, play the game, and embark on a journey to win big before the campaign ends. Happy winning!

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