Glide Smooth as Air on the Mearth City | Mearth Electric Scooter

Glide Smooth as Air on the Mearth City

Mearth City

Seamless, effortless, you somehow feel you’re coasting, or better yet, sashaying ‘on air’ on the new urban wonder. It’s really a nice, cool feeling of having smooth control.


Proudly presenting -- the new Mearth City electric scooter.

It is the latest innovation from Mearth, one of the best-selling electric scooter brands in Australia. Specifically designed and built for city riding, with superior features that set it apart from other e-scooter brands today.


The Mearth City’s most significant features is it state-of-the-art hydraulic dual shock suspension system, aimed at enhancing the user’s riding comfort. What's more, its innovative suspension system also adds an extra layer of safety. By maintaining better road contact and improving stability, riders can enjoy increased control and confidence, even on challenging terrains.


And of course, there's the signature hot-swappable battery system, which allows you to replace your battery easily with a fully charged one in a matter of seconds so you can extend your range and ride longer. Carry an extra fully charged hot swappable battery with you and swap it anytime, anywhere.


Boasting a powerful 450W permanent magnet brushless motor, it can propel you up to 25 km/h and climb inclines up to 20 degrees with ease. The advanced Li-ion 13Ah 36V battery offers a long-lasting ride of up to 40 km on a single charge and charges up quickly in just 6-7 hours.


A quick glance is all it takes to see that the LED display shows it all -- your speed, battery level, and mode settings, as the smart app lets you customize your riding preferences while accessing its other features.


Another signature feature that marks all Mearth high-performing e-scooters: lightweight and portable. Weighing only 19 kg Mearth City folds/unfolds easily in seconds! Carry it on any public transport, store in the car trunk, or in a small corner. Easy does it!


The IPX4 waterproof level of the Mearth City is another important advantage, as it can withstand splashes and light rain.


With a maximum load capacity is 100 kg, riders of all weights and sizes can have an enjoyable ride on the Mearth e-scooter.


Engineered for safety and comfort, the Mearth City’s dual brake system consists of a disc brake on the rear wheel and an electronic brake on the front wheel to ensure smooth and responsive braking. The 10-inch pneumatic tires quietly absorb shocks for a comfortable ride on different rough road surfaces.


All is great with the Mearth City. Safety in riding is paramount so its front and rear lights are radiant, providing better visibility at night and a bell too, for alerting pedestrians.


Enjoy flexibility and freedom on the road, unlimited -- with the new Mearth City. Assuredly, your riding within the city will never be the same again.