It All Start with One - One Adventure with the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike | Mearth Electric Scooter

It All Start with One - One Adventure with the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike

It All Start with One - One Adventure with the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike

A Journey Begins with One

In the world of adventure, everything starts with one. One dream, one thought, one memory, one moment, and that singular spark can lead to an unforgettable adventure. 

At Mearth Australia, we understand the power of "one" and have harnessed it to create the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike, a true entry-level masterpiece. In this article, we will explore the magic of embarking on a new adventure and why the Mearth Platypus is your perfect companion.

The Mearth Platypus: Your Ticket to Adventure

Imagine a sleek, eco-friendly electric bike that's designed to take you on thrilling journeys across all kinds of terrains. The Mearth Platypus is the performance flagship electric bike of Mearth, and it's ready to make your adventure dreams come true. Here's what makes it the ultimate choice for your next adventure.

Geometric Line Body and Bionic Design

The Mearth Platypus boasts a geometric line body with a simple, bionic design. This combination not only looks stunning but also ensures the bike's safety and durability. Crafted with precision, it's built to withstand the test of time, making it a reliable partner on all your adventures.

All-Terrain Capability

Whether you're conquering hills, cruising along beaches, tackling steep slopes, or even venturing onto snowy roads, the Mearth Platypus can handle it all. It adapts effortlessly to various road surfaces, providing a smooth and responsive riding experience.

Puncture-Proof Off-Road Tyres

One of the most remarkable features of the Mearth Platypus is its 20" large off-road tyres. These tyres are not only puncture-proof but also equipped with a metal compilation layer for added durability. With excellent shock-absorption and anti-slip properties, these tyres ensure a comfortable and safe ride, even on challenging terrains.

Powerful Motor for Conquering Obstacles

Equipped with a 750W high-power brushless DC motor, the Mearth Platypus offers high torque and can handle steep inclines, making it the perfect choice for adventurous riders.

Impressive Range

The Mearth Platypus offers a range of up to 75 kilometers on a single charge, ensuring you can go the distance without worrying about running out of power.

Responsive Disc Brakes

Safety is a top priority when embarking on any adventure, and the Mearth Platypus doesn't disappoint. It features a reliable disc brake system with a 16 cm disc diameter, ensuring responsive and secure braking even in challenging conditions.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Weighing in at just 25 kg, the Mearth Platypus is both lightweight and robust. It can carry a maximum load of 100 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of riders.

Three Built-In Riding Modes

The Mearth Platypus offers flexibility with its three built-in riding modes:

  • Assisting Power: This mode allows you to turn on the power, eliminating the need to pedal continuously. Simply gently drive with your feet, and the bike will assist you.
  • Electric Mode/Pure Electricity Mode: In this mode, you can turn on the power and use the handlebar to control your speed, with no need to pedal.
  • Man Power: When you prefer a traditional biking experience, you can use this mode with no power assistance, conserving battery life.

The ability to switch between these modes on the go provides unparalleled convenience.

Waterproof and All-Terrain Chassis

The Mearth Platypus features an IPX4 waterproof grade, ensuring it can handle wet conditions without a hitch. The closed-type design and front and rear fenders prevent splashing mud or water, allowing you to ride unimpeded even in the rain.

Super Bright Lighting System

Nighttime adventures are made safe with the Mearth Platypus's super bright front headlights, offering long-range illumination. The LED night lighting system ensures an unobstructed view, allowing you to enjoy your rides even after the sun goes down.

Shimano 7-Speed Gear Shift

With a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system, the Mearth Platypus offers a quality metal build that's firm and lightweight. Its integrated design provides smooth and precise gear shifting, making it easier to control and handle.

Large Smart Display Screen

Stay informed with real-time visibility of your itinerary dynamics, including power display, speed display, gear switch, and mileage calculation. The large screen smart display keeps you in control.

Portable and Foldable Design

The Mearth Platypus is designed with portability in mind. It can be folded in seconds, making it compact and easy to store. Its open size measures 1470x600x1500mm, while the folding size is 1470x600x900mm, ensuring it occupies minimal space.

Adventure Awaits: Where Will You Go?

Australia is a land of endless adventure possibilities, and the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike is your ticket to exploring them all. From the rugged outback to coastal trails and city streets, you can embark on eco-friendly journeys with ease. E-bikes like the Mearth Platypus are not only legal but also incredibly accessible, allowing you to ride anywhere.

Eco-Friendly Riding

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, choosing an eco-friendly mode of transportation is more important than ever. The Mearth Platypus is a clean and green way to travel, reducing your carbon footprint as you venture into the great outdoors.

Let the Adventures Begin

In the world of adventure, it all starts with one choice, one decision, and one moment of inspiration. When you choose the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike, you're opening the door to countless adventures across Australia's diverse landscapes. From all-terrain capabilities to impressive range and safety features, the Platypus is the perfect companion for your journey. So, gear up, wear your approved Mearth helmet and hop on your Mearth Platypus, and let the adventures begin.