You Deserve Some Macca's this Labour Day | Mearth Electric Scooter

You Deserve Some Macca's this Labour Day

You Deserve Some Macca's this Labour Day

Labour Day Down Under: A Day to Celebrate

Australia's Labour Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the hard work and dedication of the Australian workforce. It's a time for Aussies to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labour. And what better way to celebrate than by indulging in some Macca's, Australia's beloved fast-food chain?

Macca's Monopoly: A Game of Prizes and Surprises

As if the idea of enjoying a tasty Macca's meal on Labour Day isn't tempting enough, there's another reason to be excited. It's the Macca's x Monopoly campaign, a partnership between McDonald's, affectionately known as "Macca's" in Australia and the all-time favorite board game Monopoly. With a prize pool of over $786 million, it's a campaign that promises excitement and delight for all participants, including a chance to win the best Australian electric scooter, Mearth.

The Prize Pool and Featured Prizes

Macca's x Monopoly boasts a prize pool that would make anyone's jaw drop. Alongside the coveted Mearth Electric Scooters, participants have the chance to win prizes from a wide array of renowned brands, including Isuzu, Klook, Oppo, TCL, and many more. From technology to travel, homeware to fitness gear, there's something for everyone.

How to Play and Win Big

Joining the Macca's Monopoly fun is as easy as Play, Scan, and Win. Here's how it works:


Begin your journey by visiting your local Macca's and making a purchase from any eligible menu item. Every item you order becomes your ticket to the Monopoly game.


To boost your chances and take part in the second chance draw, equip yourself with the MyMacca's app. Scanning your tickets through the app not only gives you the opportunity to redeem exciting prizes but also qualifies you for additional draws.


Now for the thrilling part – winning! You have a remarkable one in four chance to snag a prize from the astounding prize pool of over $786 million. It's a game of luck, strategy, and lots of delicious Macca's food.

Double the Fun with Double Play

Why settle for one chance when you can double the fun? Here's how:

On-Pack Play

Keep an eye out for tickets on eligible Macca's items, and gear up for a second round of winning possibilities using the MyMacca's app. It's a chance to double your delight.

Ways to Amplify Your Winning Chances

Macca's Monopoly offers various avenues to amplify your chances of winning. From instant wins to collecting property tickets, here's how you can boost your odds:

Instant Win

Feel the thrill of peeling and scanning your tickets to discover instant wins. It's like scratching a lottery ticket but with your favorite fast food.

Chance Card

The MyMacca's app holds a surprise with every Chance Card. Utilize your chance card for a thrilling 1 in 4 opportunity to win.

Collect to Win

Collect property tickets and pave your way to scoring significant victories. Just like the classic board game, Monopoly, you can assemble properties and aim for big wins.

The Road to Winning Starts with a Single Step

To embark on your journey to winning, head to your nearest Macca's, either by your favorite electric scooter (which you might just win!) or by ordering through McDelivery®. Remember, every purchase of a participating menu item pushes you closer to one of the 62 million fabulous prizes waiting to be claimed.

Bonus Chance Cards

For those looking to stack the odds in their favor, Macca's Monopoly offers a brilliant opportunity. Earn +3 bonus digital Chance Cards when you redeem rewards worth 5000 or 7500 points through the MyMacca's app. Keep a keen eye on your app because these bonus cards will appear within 7 days.

The Perfect Match: Mearth Electric Scooters and Macca's Monopoly

In this grand celebration of Labour Day, Mearth Electric Scooters and Macca's Monopoly have come together to provide Aussies with an unforgettable experience. Labourers who have worked tirelessly throughout the year can now enjoy their well-deserved day off, savoring the scrumptious meals served by Australia's favorite fast-food chain, McDonald's, and have the chance to win a fast and eco-friendly Mearth Electric Scooter.


About Mearth Electric Scooters: Safety First!

Mearth Electric Scooters are known for their commitment to safety. They understand that speeding on the road is a powerful responsibility and urge all riders to remember to wear approved helmets and safety gear for maximum protection. These electric scooters are not only fast and fun but also eco-friendly, making them a perfect match for those who care about the environment.


A Day of Celebration, Fun, and Prizes

Labour Day in Australia, specifically Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia,  just got a whole lot more exciting with Macca's x Monopoly Campaign and the opportunity to win a Mearth Electric Scooter. Whether you're an avid fan of McDonald's, an electric scooter enthusiast, or simply looking for some good old-fashioned fun, this campaign has something for everyone. So, gear up, play, scan, and win big while enjoying your Labour Day with the best fast food and the chance to ride away on a fantastic electric scooter. It's a winning combo that celebrates hard work, relaxation, and the joy of sharing memorable moments with your loved ones.

Enjoy the fruits – I mean the happy meal – of your labour! 

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