Scoot to Australia’s Biggest Spring Celebration in Canberra | Mearth Electric Scooter

Scoot to Australia’s Biggest Spring Celebration in Canberra

Scoot to Australia’s Biggest Spring Celebration in Canberra

The arrival of spring brings with it a cascade of colors and celebrations, with Floriade at its heart. As Canberra's Commonwealth Park turns into a vibrant tapestry of over a million blooms, there's an electric wonder waiting to elevate this experience:
the Mearth Cyber, arguably the best e-scooter in the game.

The Power to Lead:

Floriade, Australia's grandest springtime festivity, embodies the spirit of renewal, transformation, and the future. What better way to arrive at its gates than on the Mearth Cyber, a futuristic e-scooter that encapsulates the essence of modernity? With its rated 3200W brushless HUB Dual Motor that peaks at 4000W, the Cyber promises an electrified journey every time. Its 'smart' system constantly adjusts torque settings, ensuring you have a seamless and thrilling ride to the heart of the Floral Wonderland.

Navigating Canberra's Terrain:

The Floriade isn't just about flowers. It's an experience, a journey through diverse terrains of entertainment, food, wine, and art. In fact there are a number of events that are going to be celebrated for this occasion!

Floriade Details:

Floriade is a free non-ticketed event with gates opening from 9.30am – 5.30pm daily. 

Last entry 5.00 pm. 

28 Sept - 1 Oct 

NightFest - Floriade’s dark side, returns for four captivating nights. Tickets are required and are on sale now. 

15 Oct


16 Oct

Great Big Bulb Dig 


The Mearth Cyber's all-terrain capabilities, with its robust 10” pneumatic tires and built-in front and rear suspensions, guarantee that no event should be missed and no path should remain unexplored. And its anti-skid, shock-absorbing technology ensures your ride is as smooth as the melodies floating through the park.

Glow with the NightFest:

Speaking of NightFest, as the sun sets and Floriade's NightFest springs to life, the Mearth Cyber shines brightest. Its plethora of vibrant lights, from the front dual LED headlight to the luminous Mearth Cyber logo, resonates perfectly with the captivating nights of Floriade. Arriving on this e-scooter not only ensures a stylish entry but also keeps you illuminated in the enchanting dark, echoing the electric wonders of the night.

Safety First, Adventure Next:

While the allure of the festival is magnetic, your safety remains paramount. The Mearth Cyber's state-of-the-art Nutt/Zoom hydraulic brakes combined with an ABS Braking System guarantees precision stopping. And with the capacity to adjust to the Australian speed limit of 25 km/hr, it ensures compliance without compromising the thrill.

As you gear up for the festival, remember to strap on the Mearth approved helmet and let the Mearth Cyber's unmatched safety specs guard your adventure.

Designed to Impress:

Just as Floriade is a confluence of nature's art and human creativity, the Mearth Cyber is where engineering meets aesthetics. Its sleek frame, made from the 6000 Series Aero-grade Aluminum Alloy, promises more than just a ride; it's a statement. The high-contrast 3.5 inch TFT colorful matrix screen ensures that even in a crowd, the Cyber stands out, much like the unique blooms of Floriade.

Once in a Lifetime

Floriade is an annual event but each year presents a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, and the Mearth Cyber is your ticket to experiencing it in its entirety. 

As the festival beckons you to explore the magical charm of nature, let the Mearth Cyber be your chariot, bridging the world of electric wonders and natural marvels. Whether you're cruising through the day's events or immersing yourself in the NightFest, with the Mearth Cyber, you're always at the front of the line.