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Halloween in Australia Gets Spooktacular with Macca's x Monopoly

Halloween in Australia Gets Spooktacular with Macca's x Monopoly

The Macca's x Monopoly Campaign: Halloween Treats Await

Halloween, traditionally celebrated on the 31st of October, is going to take a thrilling twist as McDonald's, affectionately known as "Macca's," teams up with Monopoly to bring an array of exciting prizes. While it may not be as deeply rooted in Australian tradition as it is in some other countries, Aussies have taken a liking to this spooky and fun-filled holiday. With its unique blend of costumes, candy, and creativity, Halloween in Australia is an exciting and ever-evolving experience. And with Macca's x Monopoly campaign,  the chance to own a unique "bat scooter" – a thrilling ride that could make you feel like the iconic superhero, Batman. The perfect Halloween costume!

A Chance to Be Like Batman: The Bat Scooter

Imagine cruising through the night on your very own bat scooter, just like Batman himself. This special prize, offered by the Macca's x Monopoly campaign, brings a touch of superhero magic to your Halloween celebrations. But what is this bat scooter, and why is it the perfect Halloween treat?

The Bat Scooter: A Spine-Tingling Ride

The bat scooter is not your average mode of transportation. Designed to capture the spirit of Batman, this electric scooter is both a work of art and a fast, eco-friendly ride. With its sleek black design and a bat-themed electric ride, it's a vehicle that embodies the mystique and adventure of the caped crusader.

Speed and Eco-Friendliness

Just like Batman himself, the bat scooter is built for speed. It offers a thrilling and swift way to navigate the city, especially during the dark and mysterious hours of Halloween night. Powered by electricity, it's an eco-friendly ride that leaves no emissions in its wake, making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious superhero.

How to Win the Bat Scooter and Other Prizes

Participating in the Macca's x Monopoly campaign and aiming to become the proud owner of a bat scooter is a breeze. Here's a simple breakdown of how you can join the fun:

  • Play: Head to your local Macca's and make a purchase from any eligible menu item to start your journey.

  • Scan: Equip yourself with the MyMacca’s app and use it to scan the tickets you receive. Scanning tickets not only offers you chances to win but also enters you into the exciting second chance draw.

  • Win: With a thrilling one in four chance to win from the impressive prize pool, including the coveted bat scooter, every scan brings you closer to Halloween treats.

Double the Halloween Fun with Double Play

Why settle for one chance when you can double the fun this Halloween? The Macca's x Monopoly campaign offers a unique opportunity to amplify your winning prospects through the following methods:

  • On-Pack Play: Look out for tickets on eligible items and get ready for a second round of winning chances on the MyMacca’s app. More tickets mean more opportunities to win your bat scooter.

Ways to Boost Your Odds of Winning

The campaign provides various ways to enhance your chances of winning the bat scooter and other exciting prizes. From instant wins to collecting property tickets, here's how you can bolster your odds:

  • Instant Win: Peel, scan, and find out immediately if you're an instant winner. It's a quick and thrilling way to score Halloween treats.

  • Chance Card: Utilize your chance card in the MyMacca’s app for an exhilarating 1 in 4 opportunity to win. This card could be your ticket to becoming a Batman of the night.

  • Collect to Win: Gather property tickets and carve your path to claiming significant Halloween wins. The more tickets you collect, the closer you get to owning the bat scooter.

A Spooktacular Halloween Awaits

With Halloween on the horizon in Australia, the Macca's x Monopoly campaign is the perfect treat. Beyond the costumes and candy, it offers the chance to become a superhero of the night. The bat scooter, with its sleek design, speed, and eco-friendly attributes, is the ultimate prize, making you feel like Batman as you glide through the dark Halloween streets.

So, dust off your cape, grab your chance cards, and prepare for a Halloween that you'll never forget. Happy haunting, superheroes!

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