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Riding electric scooters in Hobart

Riding electric scooters in Hobart

Riding electric scooters in Hobart

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Since their increase in popularity, electric scooters have proven that it’s the new and quick way to get around cities without harming the environment. Because of their convenience, affordability, and sustainability, the state of Tasmania will soon allow electric scooters in Hobart, Launceston, and the rest of the state this summer. For those who are planning to use electric scooters as soon as it is legalised in the state, here are some guidelines that you need to know before riding electric scooters.

Electric scooter law in Hobart

Electric scooters in Tasmania are currently only allowing e-scooters on public paths and spaces if they have a max power of 200W. Since most commercial e-scooters offer higher motor power than the requirements, most e-scooters in the market can’t be ridden in Tasmania.

However, when the new electric scooter law in Tasmania is implemented, commercial and shared electric scooters, as well as other mobility devices, can be used on shared paths and local roads.

According to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the new e-scooter law will allow riders of at least 16 years of age to ride e-scooters as long as they wear helmets and follow protocols. Legalising e-scooters in the state also includes educating the public on the legal and safe use of e-scooters. 

Electric scooter safety requirements

While the new law is yet to be implemented, current e-scooter law in Tasmania requires riders with road-legal e-scooters to wear an approved helmet and comply with the following road rules:

  • Riders can use paths and roads with a max speed limit of 50 km/h except for roads with dividing lines
  • Riders must keep left when riding and must not carry a passenger
  • Riders must not use a road at night except if crossing by the shortest route
  • Riders must give way to pedestrians and ride carefully and attentively

  • Electric scooter trials in Hobart

    When e-scooters in Tasmania are legalised, commuters can expect an available shared e-scooter operator in the cities of Hobart and Launceston. The e-scooter trial is set to run for 12 months on an app-based and user-pay basis. The two cities have yet to announce the approved operators for the trial. 

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    Mearth Shipping Policy

    Customers in Hobart and other parts of Tasmania will receive Mearth products free of shipping fees! Please keep in mind that orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment. Meanwhile, Friday orders are shipped the next business day (Monday). Learn more about our shipping policy for more details.

    Mearth Warranty Policy

    Unlike other brands, Mearth offers customers a two-year warranty for the e-scooter frame and a one-year warranty for the main body, motor, battery, and controller of the e-scooter. Besides this, repairs within 30 days after purchase are covered by the policy. However, customers must register their warranty online within one month of purchase to avail of the warranty.

    For enquiries and concerns, you may reach us via support@mearth.com.au.

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    Take our Mearth electric scooters for a ride and see if the quality and performance is up to your needs. Schedule a test drive at our Sydney office today!

    Electric scooter repair shops in Hobart

    Mearth electric scooter repairs in Hobart will need to be requested through this page. After submitting a request, the customer care team will reach out and inform you of the next steps and cost, if any. Take note that major repairs require customers to ship their e-scooters to Mearth’s Sydney office. 

    For those who can’t ship their e-scooters to Sydney, you may bring them to these kinds of electric scooter repair shops in Hobart, TAS:

  • Electric scooter repair shop
  • Personal electric vehicle shop
  • Bicycle shop
  • Retailer (where you bought your e-scooter)