South East QLD Allows Bikes and E-scooters on Trains

South East QLD Allows Bikes and E-scooters on Trains Permanently


South East Queensland recently announced that it will allow all bikes and scooters in public transportation at any time permanently. This includes electric bikes and electric scooters for adults.

The decision comes after a successful six-month trial in 2021. The trial enabled commuters with push or electric micro-mobility devices to bring their devices inside trains during peak hours. Now, commuters can bring their e-scooters or bikes on the first and last carriages of trains at any time of the day.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey said that this decision made commuting more flexible. He also mentioned that it is another step towards developing an integrated public transport network.

However, as more people start to ride trains, Bailey reminds commuters to be aware of other passengers when in the first and last carriages. Moreover, commuters with bikes and scooters should keep seats, doors, aisles, and priority areas clear of their device.

Current Electric Scooter Laws in QLD

Electric scooter law in QLD currently allows e-scooters and other micro-mobility devices to ride in public footpaths, spaces, and road-related areas. However, they are prohibited from travelling on CBD streets and main roads. Riders should follow current road rules when riding their e-scooters.

Moreover, commuters should use a rideable that follow these specifications:

  • For single-person only
  • Has the following dimensions: 1,250 mm (l) x 700 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h) or 700 mm (l) x 1,250 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h)
  • Has a top speed of 25 km/h
  • Has a maximum weight of 60 kg
  • Be motor-powered
  • Has one or more wheels
  • Has a braking system
  • Has no sharp protrusions

However, there is no need to have the rideable registered or for riders to have a license to ride one. E-scooter riders who are caught not following electric scooter regulations will be fined at least $137.

To review the complete electric scooter laws in QLD, please read the state’s rules for personal mobility devices.

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