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Electric Scooter Law in Queensland (QLD)

Electric Scooter Law in Queensland (QLD)

Electric scooter law in QLD permits e-scooters and other personal mobility devices to ride on footpaths, public spaces, and road-related areas. However, riders may not travel on CBD streets and main roads. Riders must also comply with electric scooter road rules when using e-scooters in public.

However, like other States and Territories in Australia, QLD defines their rideable according to specific qualifications. According to law, a rideable must:

  • Be used for a single person only
  • Have the following dimensions: 1,250 mm (l) x 700 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h) or 700 mm (l) x 1,250 mm (w) x 1,350 mm (h)
  • Have a top speed of 25 km/h
  • Have a maximum weight of 60 kg
  • Be motor-powered
  • Have one or more wheels
  • Have a braking system
  • Have no sharp protrusions

  • Therefore, electric scooters in QLD must have these dimensions to be ridden in public. However, rideables don’t need to be registered and riders don’t need an electric scooter license to ride one. Moreover, QLD is the only state or territory that allows riders to travel over 10 km/h on footpaths.

    Aside from this, riders are also encouraged to ride responsibly. For better safety while riding, riders must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age. Riders who are at least 12 years of age must ride with adult supervision.
  • Always wear an approved and fitted helmet
  • Not carry passengers
  • Not use a mobile device while riding
  • Not drink and ride
  • Have a white light on the front and red light and reflector at the rear when travelling at night or in harsh conditions.

  • Moreover, riders must also practice mindful riding, such as:

  • Keeping left and giving way to pedestrians
  • Travelling at a safe speed to stop safely and avoid colliding with pedestrians
  • Travelling at a safe distance from pedestrians
  • Keeping left of oncoming bicycles and other personal mobility devices
  • Using the bicycle side of a shared path

  • If you are riding a shared e-scooter, riders must leave the e-scooter safely and responsibly to avoid inconvenience for pedestrians and other riders. Riders must also be aware of additional conditions set by the shared e-scooter operator.

    E-scooter riders who are caught not following electric scooter regulations will be fined at least $137.

    To review the complete electric scooter laws in QLD, please visit the state government’s rules for personal mobility devices.

    Thanks to QLD legalising e-scooters in the state, it paved the way for shared e-scooter platforms to launch in cities. Currently, commuters can ride a shared e-scooter from Neuron Mobility in Brisbane and Townsville. The Rockhampton Regional Council has also expressed their interest in hiring a shared e-scooter operator for the city. Also, the Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Shire Council aims to become the first Indigenous local council to implement electric transport options, including e-scooters.

    How to ride your e-scooter safely

    Aside from following e-scooter laws in QLD, you must practice safe and responsible riding for your safety and others.

    1. Check your electric scooter before riding

    Safety starts even before you hit the road. Always make it a habit to check the condition of your personal or shared e-scooter. Make sure to check for any damages on the components, flats on the tyres, loose screws, and inconsistencies with the brakes and acceleration. Here’s an electric scooter safety checklist to help you when inspecting your unit.

    2. Wear proper protective gear

    Electric scooter law in QLD requires riders to wear an approved and fitted helmet when riding. This is basic safety gear to protect yourself in case of collisions. You may also add extra protection by wearing other protective gear, such as gloves, elbow and knee pads, and eye protection. Riders are also encouraged to wear a reflective suit or vest to increase their visibility to pedestrians and vehicles when riding at night. Always wear your protective gear when riding your e-scooter to keep you safe from serious injuries and avoid getting fined. 

    3. Follow road rules

    The state of QLD also reminds riders to practice proper riding etiquette. As mentioned above, riders must always keep left and give way to pedestrians and oncoming riders. Moreover, try not to go near the speed limit and ride at a comfortable speed to avoid colliding with pedestrians and other riders. The best way to enjoy your rides is to travel safely and responsibly.

    Why should you buy an electric scooter?

    1. Get to your destination quicker

    Thanks to an electric scooter's lightweight, slim, and compact build, you can bypass traffic easily, take shorter routes, and arrive at your destination quicker. It’s easier to move around the city since you no longer have to line up to get on the subway or bus, sit in a crowded space, and wait for traffic to move. You have the freedom to explore the city without wasting time.

    2. Travel sustainably

    Electric scooters have risen to popularity due to their eco-friendly travel solutions. Since e-scooters don’t need fuel to run, you don’t have to worry about producing high carbon emissions per trip. In the long run, this helps save on carbon emissions and help fight air pollution.

    3. Say goodbye to parking

    Since electric scooters are light and compact, you can fold and carry them easily inside the bus, subway, or establishment. This makes it easy to bring and store, so you no longer have to worry about where to park and how much it costs to park. Overall, e-scooters are a convenient way to get around without harming the environment.

    Electric Scooter Laws in Australia

    Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters(including where e-scooters can legally be used and whether these products need to be registered with the relevant road traffic authority). Any user of this product must ensure that that they check and abide by their local by-laws and use responsibly. Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your Mearth e-scooter. Click here to learn more about E-scooter regulations in your state

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