Tips for Bringing an Electric Scooter on Public Transportation

Tips for Bringing an Electric Scooter on Public Transportation

Tips for Bringing an Electric Scooter on Public Transportation

Thanks to the electric scooter’s light weight, slim design, and compact size, commuters can take electric scooters on public transportation. However, before riding public transportation, be sure that it’s allowed in your city to bring it on public transportation. After all, some cities or public transport companies don’t allow e-scooters. 

Moreover, if you are not mindful of how you bring your e-scooter in public it could cause inconvenience for you and others. So, if you’re new to riding electric scooters or would like to learn more tips for bringing your electric scooter on public transportation, here are a few reminders that you should know.

Bringing an e-scooter on a bus

Can you take a mobility scooter on a bus? Definitely. An electric scooter is slim and compact enough to fit inside the aisles of a bus, especially when it is folded. When riding a bus with your electric scooter, here are a few reminders.

1. Fold and turn off the electric scooter

Before getting on a bus, make sure to turn off your electric scooter and fold it securely. Don’t forget to fold the stand as well. Moreover, remember that riding your electric scooter inside the bus station is prohibited. Always carry your electric scooter within the bus station’s premises.

2. Cover wet or dirty wheels

During rainy weather, make sure to carry extra plastic or cloth to cover or wipe your electric scooter’s wheels. Keeping your wheels dry and clean when riding any public transportation will prevent you from soiling other people’s clothes and yours. Moreover, it will prevent the vehicle from getting dirty and slippery.

3. Go through the doors carefully

It can be a bit of a challenge to enter the bus with your electric scooter since the handlebars and some parts could bump into something. Make sure to carry it in front of you when boarding so you can guide it while going inside.

4. Keep it away from the aisle

Keep your electric scooter under the bus seat if it fits. This way, you don’t bother the other passengers. If there’s limited space, it’s recommended to sit on the last row of the bus where there is more space. Just be mindful not to block the exits, aisles, and other commuters.

5. Exit the bus carefully

Exit the bus the same way you entered. Hold it in front of you vertically, and be mindful that your electric scooter does not bump into people. After getting down, only unfold and ride your electric scooter on the sidewalk away from vehicles and a rush of people, so you can set up your electric scooter safely.

Bringing an e-scooter on a train

Can you take an electric scooter on a train? Since trains are more crowded than buses, some riders are concerned about bringing electric scooters along. However, electric scooters can definitely be brought inside the train. Here are some tips to remember.

1. Carry e-scooters inside the station

When taking an electric scooter on a train, always carry them when inside the premises of the station. So, make sure to turn it off and fold them properly for your convenience. 

2. Avoid revolving doors 

Some subway station doors use revolving metal doors at the entrances and exits. Using these doors when carrying your electric scooter can be quite difficult, so it’s best to avoid them and look for another entrance or exit without this kind of door.

3. Board the first or last train car

Electric scooters can easily fit at the subway aisles since it’s more spacious than a bus. However, during rush hour, it’s best to ride the first or last train cars where there’s more space at the end. This area will give you more space for you and your e-scooter without bothering other passengers.

4. Don’t put them on overhead racks

Even if your electric scooter would fit snugly on top of the train rack, never place it on the racks. This will prevent your electric scooter from falling on you and the other passengers in case of a sudden halt or sharp turn from the train. 

Bringing an e-scooter on a plane

Unfortunately, electric scooters are not permitted inside airports and planes, even if it’s a carry-on or checked baggage. This is because most electric scooters contain a higher battery capacity than the airline requirement.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) only allows lithium-ion batteries with up to 100Wh in carry-on luggage and up to 160Wh in checked baggage inside aircraft. The requirement is less than the average battery capacity of electric scooters. 

The only time that electric scooters will be allowed on a plane is if the e-scooter has been designated as a mobility aid for the disabled.

Bringing inside an elevator

Although elevators are not a vehicle, it’s also something that e-scooter riders will need to face when bringing their electric scooter in public. Most electric scooters will fit in most elevators, but they should always be folded to avoid occupying too much space in the elevator.

If possible, avoid going inside an elevator that already has a few people. This way, you and your electric scooter will have enough space inside the elevator.

Also, avoid riding manual elevators with a heavy door, since it can be inconvenient to exit the elevator when you need to go.

Using electric scooter accessories

One way to make it easy for you to bring an electric scooter on public transportation is using accessories. Consider getting a cover for your electric scooter since these are more portable than a full-size backpack. These e-scooter covers are also waterproof, so your e-scooter can be protected during heavy rain. Moreover, using a cover will ensure that you don’t bring a dirty or wet e-scooter inside public transportation. 

Another accessory that you may want to invest in is a nylon strap. It is attached to the middle of your stem or on both ends of your e-scooter. This way you can carry it comfortably like a piece of luggage or strap it over your shoulder. These straps are universal, so they will fit any type of electric scooter.

Final reminder

Bringing electric scooters on public transportation is definitely possible. However, riders should remember that the most important thing when bringing an electric scooter in public is to be mindful of others and occupy as little space as possible. Keeping this in mind will give you a trouble-free experience when commuting with your electric scooter. 

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