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How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost?


Due to the electric scooter’s convenience, efficiency, and affordability, more people are choosing to ride them for daily commutes or leisurely activities. Moreover, e-scooters have become a safe way for people to travel during the pandemic as it allows riders to physically distance themselves from other people while riding.

However, despite its popularity, some people are still wary about its overall cost. Although e-scooters are more affordable than cars and motorcycles, buyers will still need to pay a couple of hundred dollars and also pay for maintenance costs. When selecting a vehicle or ride, expenses are a major factor in buying your perfect ride.

So, how much does an electric scooter cost? E-scooter retail prices can cost from $200 to over $2000 depending on the type and performance of an e-scooter. However, the cost of owning an electric scooter is about 9 cents per mile. That’s a very low cost for a long-term ride. This is also the reason why many people are switching to e-scooters.

Why are electric scooters expensive?

As mentioned, e-scooters may be more affordable than a car, but riders will still need to shell out a large sum of money to buy them. After all, a decent commuter electric scooter will cost around $500-$1000. Despite being just an electronic version of a kick scooter, why are e-scooters expensive?

One of the main reasons for its price is the fact that it’s a new technology. There is still so much room for research and improvement and e-scooter development makes the e-scooter value go up. Another reason for its price is the e-scooter battery. That’s because e-scooter batteries are the most volatile and most untested piece in the e-scooter. So, research and development for high-performance batteries cost a lot. Other factors included in an e-scooter cost include the brand name, labour, and shipping, among others.

However, when it comes to e-scooter prices, it’s a fact that lower-priced e-scooters are made from materials and processes of lower quality. So, higher-priced e-scooters are generally more capable, durable, and reliable than e-scooters that cost less than $300. If you want to get a high-quality e-scooter for less than the price, then the only way is to look for electric scooters for sale.

Cost per type of electric scooter

How much is an electric scooter for adults? The answer will depend on the type of electric scooter that you are looking for. There are different types of e-scooters available in the market, each catering to a specific need or market. That’s why e-scooter prices have a wide range.

If you’re looking for budget electric scooters, these cost less than $300. However, as mentioned previously, cheaper electric scooters tend to have cheaper quality as well. If you prefer to buy a budget e-scooter, expect that it won’t be able to ride faster and last longer than other higher-end scooters.

Meanwhile, for everyday electric scooters, commuter e-scooters cost from $300 to $1200. These are decent e-scooters built for everyday rides, so you can expect a more durable build compared to budget e-scooters. Many premium and long-range electric scooters, such as the Mearth RS Series, are already available at these price points. 

Finally, there are high-performance electric scooters that cost over $1200. It costs this much because it offers the highest specs possible in the e-scooter market. In this price range, you can find off road e-scooters like the Mearth GTS Series. These are e-scooters built to withstand any terrain and steeper hill climb.

If you’re not sure what type of electric scooter you should buy, here’s a quick guide on the different types of electric scooter that you can buy.

How much does maintenance cost?

Aside from the initial cost of an e-scooter, buyers should also consider maintenance costs. The good thing about electric scooters is that it has little to no maintenance needed at all. And if you care for your electric scooter properly, it’s possible to make it last without any major maintenance needed.

In case you end up needing repairs, know that it won’t cost as much. However, the most expensive part or repair that you might face is the battery. A new battery can cost between $50 to $1000. For tyre replacements, it can cost you less than $100. In fact, an e-scooter tyre for the Mearth GTS Series only costs $50. Most retailers and brands also offer free services to maintain your e-scooter, so buyers don't have to worry about expensive maintenance costs. As long as you take care of your e-scooter, you don’t need to spend on maintenance.

The cost of owning vs renting an electric scooter

There are many pros and cons to using a shared or personal electric scooter. One factor that most people look at is the price. At first glance, it may seem that buying your own electric scooter is more expensive than riding a shared e-scooter. However, in the long run, costs stack up and shared e-scooters can be more expensive than personal e-scooters.

So, how much do electric scooters cost to rent? Riding a shared e-scooter usually costs a dollar to unlock it and around $0.40 per minute. If you ride a shared e-scooter for 10 minutes twice a day for five days a week, then you spend $10 per day, $50 per week, around $200 per month, or $2,400 per year.

Meanwhile, if you buy a personal e-scooter like the Mearth S Pro, which costs $999, and allot $200 for maintenance for a year, then it will only cost you $1999 for one year. After that, the succeeding years will only have maintenance expenses which can be me or less than $200. Overall, owning an electric scooter is a more practical choice.

Are e-scooters worth it?

Overall, electric scooters are worth every cent that you invest in them. Compared to buying a car or motorcycle, an electric scooter is a convenient, cost-effective, and compact choice for commuters and travellers. In terms of costs, a car will cost six times more to run a mile, unlike an e-scooter. Moreover, e-scooters don’t emit any harmful gases, making them an eco-friendly choice. 

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