The Different Types of Electric Scooters for Every Rider

The Different Types of Electric Scooters for Every Rider

Different Types of Electric Scooters for Every Rider

The Different Types of Electric Scooters for Every Rider

Are you considering buying your first electric scooter but you don’t know which one to get? With all the different electric scooters in the market, it can be quite tempting to just buy whatever is popular. 

However, when it comes to choosing an electric scooter, going with the trend might not be a good idea. After all, different types of electric scooters have different purposes. Moreover, it all comes at different price points. So, what’s popular may not be the right one for you.

This electric scooter guide gives a quick overview of the different types of electric scooters by characteristic and price. Hopefully, this guide can give you an idea of the kind of electric scooter that you need.

Types of Electric Scooters by Characteristic

Here are the different types of electric scooters according to their characteristics. 

1. Kid electric scooters

Kid and teen electric scooters are relatively smaller compared to adult electric scooters. They are also lighter and more affordable. For kid electric scooters, some models offer a three-wheel e-scooter for better stability. Aside from these physical differences, it doesn’t look any different from adult e-scooters. However, when it comes to performance, kid e-scooters last for an average of 40 to 80 minutes, but it takes around 12 hours to recharge.

2. Foldable electric scooters

Foldable electric scooters can be folded in half, making it easy for commuters to carry and store them anywhere. This is perfect for commuters who need first and last-mile transportation since you can bring folded electric scooters anywhere, even inside buses and subways. 

If you’re looking for a foldable e-scooter, make sure to test how it folds to see if it’s convenient for you. For example, the Mearth S Series has a one-second folding mechanism, making it quick and easy to fold and unfold your How you fold it and how fast you fold it can make a difference when you’re in a hurry.

3. Three-wheeled electric scooters

A few adult electric scooters offer three-wheeled models, too, and it’s gaining some popularity among e-scooter riders. After all, it offers better stability, balance, and turning, especially when riding on rough surfaces. However, since it has three wheels, it’s slightly broader and bulkier, so it can be slightly challenging to bring them around. However, if you don’t mind that, then this is a good electric scooter for beginner e-scooter riders.

4. Commuter electric scooters

If you need an everyday ride to and from work or university, make sure to use a commuter electric scooter. These are built especially for daily rides in cities. Moreover, commuter electric scooters usually offer a balance of affordability and quality. For example, the Mearth RS offers a lightweight, foldable e-scooter that can go a max speed of 25 kph and a max range of 20 km in a single charge. 

5. Off-road electric scooters

Off-road electric scooters are built for rough terrains and conditions. There’s a higher chance for commuter electric scooters to be punctured or damaged when ridden in rocky or hilly terrains. However, off-road electric scooters are sturdy to withstand any terrain and have enough power to go through them. For example, the Mearth GTS MAX has enough power and battery capacity to go a maximum range of 100 km. If you need to go through hills or rough terrain for your commutes, then off-road electric scooters are a great option.

6. Fat-tyre electric scooters

As its name suggests, fat-tyre electric scooters are known for their wide tyres. Some e-scooter models offer seats, so it looks like a mini motorcycle. Like off-road electric scooters, fat-tyre e-scooters are also perfect for riding in rough and hilly terrains. Thanks to their wide tyres, it also provides better stability and grip. If you’re not looking for a portable electric scooter and need stability and power, then fat-tyre electric scooters are a good option.

Types of Electric Scooters by Price

Here are different types of electric scooters according to their price. Hopefully, this electric scooter buying guide will give you an idea of how much certain electric scooters would cost.

1. Budget electric scooters (≤$300)

Budget electric scooters are the most affordable e-scooters that you can buy. In fact, you can find budget electric scooters that cost under $300. However, when you buy an electric scooter at this price point, expect fewer features or less durable materials. If you are not going to use an electric scooter daily, then going for a basic budget electric scooter is a good option.

2. Commuter electric scooters ($300 to $1200)

Commuter electric scooters are one of the most common electric scooters that you can buy. It offers a good balance between price and quality, making it a popular choice for many. Commuter e-scooters can be further broken down into subcategories:

  • Budget commuter electric scooters

These are the most affordable commuter e-scooters that you can buy, ranging from $300 to $600. These are great for short trips but not on hills and rough terrains.

  • Mid-ranged commuter electric scooters

Costing around $600 to $900, mid-ranged e-scooters offer more power, durability, and performance compared to budget commuter e-scooters. However, you won’t find dual-motor e-scooters in this category.

  • Premium commuter electric scooters

Premium commuter e-scooters offer high specs, better performance, and more comfort. However, the price range can be too expensive for some riders, as it costs around $900 to $1200.

3. Premium and high-performance electric scooters ($1200>)

Lastly, premium and high-performance e-scooters have the most expensive cost among the e-scooter categories. However, the power, performance, comfort, durability, and safety that you get is top-notch. You can also see premium features such as semi-hydraulic or hydraulic brakes, strong lights, and large tubeless pneumatic tyres. If you want to invest in this type of electric scooter, you will definitely get the best value for your money.

Choose the right type of electric scooter

Hopefully, this guide gave you a clear picture of what electric scooter to choose. Remember that the right electric scooter for you is the one that caters to all your needs. Also, when it comes to price, buy according to what you need. 

You don’t have to buy expensive electric scooters if you can find all that you need with a reasonably-priced e-scooter. Similarly, it’s alright to spend a few more dollars to get a feature or perk that you need. After all, electric scooters are also an investment to have better transportation.

For the best electric scooter guides, check out Mearth’s blog page and find helpful tips and insights on electric scooters.