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10 Recommended Electric Scooter Accessories

10 Recommended Electric Scooter Accessories - Mearth-E-scooter

Electric scooters may have all the features that you need, but you can still add more function, comfort, and safety if you add accessories. Electric scooter accessories are extra items that you can wear, install on your e-scooter, or use for your electric scooter. You can find electric scooter accessories online or in your local e-scooter retailer. To help you buy useful accessories, here are 10 recommended electric scooter accessories for all e-scooter riders.

1. Helmet

Mearth Airlite electric scooter helmet

A helmet is a must when riding electric scooters. So, this is an accessory that you should definitely buy. There are different types of helmets available but it’s recommended to get a helmet with eye cover to protect your eyes while riding. However, normal lightweight electric scooter helmets like the Mearth Airlite are also enough. What matters is that your head is protected in case of any accidents.

2. Safety Vest

A safety vest is affordable, reflective clothing that usually sports bright neon colours. It might not be the most fashionable thing to wear but it provides extra safety when riding at night. Wearing a safety vest at night makes you visible to pedestrians and other vehicles. This way, you don’t risk colliding with a pedestrian or a car. It’s light and foldable, so you can always tuck it inside the pocket of your bag. 

3. Gloves

Gloves offer added protection to your hands, especially when you fall accidentally. Since it’s human instinct to put your hands first on the ground to cushion your fall, your hands will suffer cuts or abrasions if you don’t wear gloves. Gloves are highly recommended for riders who like to ride at high speeds or off-road.

4. Lock

When you can’t bring an electric scooter inside establishments, using a lock when parking your electric scooter outside can protect your electric scooter from theft. There are different types of electric scooter locks from chain locks to U-locks. Knowing the purpose of each type of lock will help you determine the right one for you. Some locks can be quite expensive but think of it as an investment. After all, it will keep your electric scooter safe while you are away.

5. Basket

If you are always carrying a bag or a few items while riding, why not add a basket to your electric scooter? Electric scooter baskets come in shapes and sizes, but they are generally small. It can fit a few small items or just a small bag. When looking for a basket, make sure that it’s lightweight so that it doesn’t add much weight to the stem and rider load weight. 

6. Extra Battery

Mearth X Pro external battery

If you have an electric scooter with swappable batteries like the Mearth S Series, then an extra battery is highly recommended. After all, it can save you from being stranded when the batteries run out. In some cases, manufacturers can upgrade your battery by attaching another battery to the stem. For example, the Mearth X Pro offers an upgradable external battery. If you can, buy multiple batteries so you can extend your trip anytime. These batteries are usually small and lightweight, so you would have no problem carrying them in a bag.

7. Seat

For some electric scooters, it’s possible to attach a seat if you prefer riding sitting down. You can find seat accessories in your local retailer or online. Depending on your electric scooter and the seat accessory, the seat can be detached if you decide not to sit on it anymore. Riding while sitting down offers more comfort, stability, and safety when riding. So, consider getting one if you need these extra functions.

8. Carry Handle or Strap

A carry handle is a small handle attached to the stem of an electric scooter. It allows you to carry an e-scooter like a suitcase. On the other hand, a carry strap offers a longer strap so that riders can carry their e-scooters like a bag. Depending on whichever is more comfortable for you, either strap will help you to hold and carry your e-scooter when riding in public or climbing stairs. 

9. Bell or Horn

Not all electric scooters include a bell or horn in their controls. If your electric scooter doesn’t have one, then it’s recommended to add one. While riding, you can warn pedestrians, other riders, and vehicles when you are about to approach them. There are no e-scooter bells, so you need to buy a bicycle bell. Choose the sound that you like best, but make sure it’s loud enough for others to hear in public.

10. Tyre Slime

Having a tyre slime or tyre sealant at hand will give you a quick fix in case you puncture your tyre while riding. It will also help prevent your tyres from getting punctures, so it’s recommended to use them on new tyres. However, if your electric scooter uses solid tyres, then there’s no need to buy a tyre slime.

Add extra safety, comfort, and function to your e-scooter

These electric accessories will help make your rides extra comfortable and safe. If you need the extra protection and function, don’t hesitate to wear, use, or install them. After all, electric scooters are all about convenient riding!

If you are looking for electric scooter accessories in Australia, hopefully, this electric scooter guide gave you an idea of what to buy for your electric scooter. Check out Mearth’s blog for more tips and tricks on electric scooters.