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How to Protect Your Electric Scooter from Theft


Unfortunately, electric scooters are not invincible to theft. As more people use electric scooters, scooter theft has also become more common. Some thieves are
threatening riders to steal their e-scooter, while others cut locks to steal e-scooters near shopping centres.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t protect your electric scooter. To protect your electric scooter from theft, this quick guide offers ways to keep your electric scooter secure in public and leave you with peace of mind.

Follow the tips below to avoid losing your electric scooter. 

Avoid leaving your electric scooter outside

As much as possible, bring your electric scooter with you, and don’t leave it outside unattended. Since electric scooters are portable, they could easily be stowed away. Most electric scooters are portable and compact, so it’s easy to carry them around and store them in small spaces.

Leave your electric scooter beside your desk, inside a large locker, or between gaps, instead of parking it outside. Keeping it near you will help you watch over it without any worries.

In cases where you must leave your electric scooter outside, ask a friend or an employee to keep an eye on it. Have someone guard or look after it while you are away. The best way to protect your electric scooter from theft is prevention.

Use an electric scooter lock

In situations where you can’t bring your electric scooter inside a building, protect your electric scooter by using a lock. Electric scooter locks are similar to bicycle locks. Using locks will not only keep your electric scooter in place but also make it difficult for thieves to steal your e-scooter.

Nowadays, most electric scooter lock systems offer many features from locks that sound off once the lock is removed to digital locks that automatically alert the rider once the electric scooter is moved. To help you find the right lock for you, here is a quick guide on choosing the best lock for scooters.

Buying a lock is an investment in your electric scooter, so make sure to have one ready before hitting the streets.

Attach an alarm

Another way to prevent theft is to attach an alarm to your e-scooter. If your lock doesn’t come with an alert system, then attaching an alarm would offer more protection for your e-scooter. These alarms will trigger when you don’t lock your e-scooter, when someone touches your e-scooter, or when the electric scooter has been moved.

Alarms do not only notify the owner but also the rest of the people in the thief’s vicinity. After all, the alarm can blast a loud sound, drawing attention to himself. This can catch the thief off guard, and make them leave to avoid getting caught. 

Install a tracking device

Another investment you might want to make is attaching a tracking device to your electric scooter. Installing a GPS tracking system will help you and the authorities locate your electric scooter in case of a theft. Some tracking devices also alert the owner once someone touches their electric scooter, which allows the owner to prevent the theft from happening.

Installing a tracking device is easy and can be done on your own. Most tracking devices have a dedicated mobile app that shows real-time information on your electric scooter. Popular tracking devices include the ZEROTRK and Teltonika E-SCOOTER TRACKERPLUS. These electric scooter anti-theft tracking devices are also available for bicycles, e-bikes, electric mopeds, and motorcycles.

Find a safe place to park

Finally, find a safe public place to park your electric scooter if you can’t bring it with you inside a building. Make sure to lock your electric scooter properly, and ask someone to keep an eye on it while you’re gone.

If you’re in a parking lot, try to find a spot near a surveillance camera so that security can monitor your e-scooter. It will also be helpful to determine the thief in case of a theft.

Moreover, avoid going or parking in areas with high crime rates. Keep yourself informed of areas with reported e-scooter thefts and avoid these places as much as possible.

Invest in your safety

Invest in the following items and practice caution whenever you ride outside or leave your electric scooter outdoors. Moreover, protect yourself from threats by riding in public areas and avoiding riding at night.

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter, it’s best to go with a light, compact, and foldable electric scooter, so you can bring it in public transit, inside buildings, and anywhere you go. For more tips on protecting your electric scooter, here is another guide to stop your electric scooter from getting stolen

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