Save up to $299 with Mearth’s Monster Bundles this June!

Save up to $299 with Mearth’s Monster Bundles this June!


Mearth offers big savings for the whole month of June with a complete set of the Mearth X Pro, Mearth S Pro, and Mearth GTS Series. The bundle includes your chosen electric scooter, extra batteries, and Mearth electric scooter accessories, all for a slashed price and savings of up to $299. 

What you get for each bundle

Mearth X Pro Bundle

The Mearth X Pro Bundle includes the electric scooter, an additional external battery attached to its stem, and a Mearth Airlite helmet for only a total price of $968. That’s $149 in savings! 


The external battery adds more range to the Mearth X Pro, while the Mearth Airlite helmet offers more protection to riders despite its light and airy design.


Why choose the Mearth X Pro?

The Mearth X Pro offers a foldable electric scooter designed for portability, practicality, and performance. It features a slim design, 12-13.5 kg of weight, a maximum rider weight of 120kg, a 25 kph top speed, and a 25-45 km of range.


Despite being compact, sleek, and lightweight, the Mearth X Pro offers riders a comfortable riding experience thanks to its 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres, wide scooter deck, bright LED lights, double braking system, cruise control, and 4-inch QLED display screen. 


Ultimately, it is the perfect commuter scooter for everyday trips. Commuters and tourists will have no problem riding the Mearth X Pro across the city and bringing them on public transportation.


Mearth S Pro Bundle

The Mearth S Pro Bundle also includes an extra battery and a Mearth Airlite helmet for a total price of $1218. That’s a savings of $219. 


Since the Mearth S Pro features a swappable battery system, the extra battery can be switched conveniently when your current battery is drained. Meanwhile, the Mearth Airlite provides a comfortable feel and extra protection while riding.


Why choose the Mearth S Pro?

The Mearth S Pro is another foldable electric scooter from Mearth that’s perfect for commuting. What makes the Mearth S Pro stand out is its swappable battery system, which allows riders to extend their trip for another 25 km. 


Aside from this, the Mearth S pro features a strong and reliable disc brake, one-second folding mechanism, colour display screen, a 25-km max range in a single charge, a 32 kph max speed, a 13.5 kg weight, and 110 kg max rider weight.


Thanks to its 10-inch pneumatic tyres, the Mearth S Pro has more ground clearance and a better riding experience. Riders can experience a smoother ride with less bumps and rattling while riding. Overall, the Mearth S Pro is perfect for long-distance trips because of its swappable battery system. 


Mearth GTS Series Bundle

Meanwhile, the Mearth GTS Series bundle includes the Airlite helmet and a seat accessory exclusive for the Mearth GTS and GTS MAX. Choose the Mearth GTS, and get the bundle for only $2018 with a savings of $249. Meanwhile, go with the Mearth GTS MAX, and get it for only $2768 with a savings of $299.


The attachable seat accessory will make riding more comfortable for riders. Sitting also helps riders balance themselves, especially when riding on rough roads.


Why choose the Mearth GTS Series?

The Mearth GTS and GTS MAX are flagship scooters from Mearth that offer one of the most robust features and performance in the off-road electric scooter category. Among the Mearth electric scooter models, the GTS and GTS MAX offer the best premium quality and the highest scooter performance.


Made to withstand harsh conditions, the GTS Series consists of 50-70 kph of top speed, 70-100 km of max range, 150 kg rider weight, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, good suspension, reliable disc brakes, 13-20.4 Ah battery capacity, and 1600-3200 W burst output. 


Because of their powerful features, the Mearth GTS and GTS MAX can take you on any road at any time. It’s the perfect scooter for those who are looking for a durable and high-performance electric scooter with a bit of adventure.


How to avail these Mearth Monster Bundles

Go to Mearth’s shop and select the Monster Bundle category. Choose the electric scooter that you want, add it to your cart, and order on the spot. There’s no need to sign up or log in to purchase this promo at Mearth. 


Mearth also offers flexible payment options to make it easy and convenient for you to pay through your preferred payment channel. Payment options include credit card payment, AfterPay, Zip Pay, Procuret, B2Pay, and more. 


This promo is valid until 30 June and is available for customers living in Australia and New Zealand. Mearth offers free shipping across Australia only. Don’t miss out on this chance to get a complete Mearth electric scooter bundle for less!


For enquiries about this promo or any of Mearth’s products and services, you may reach us via Meanwhile, visit our FAQs page to get quick answers to your questions.