How to Pick the Best Electric Scooter Lock in Australia

How to Pick the Best Electric Scooter Lock in Australia

Anything that is of any value will eventually be the target of thieves. Electric scooters, whether you see them as a toy or personal transport, can cost up to $2500. A commuter electric scooter cost much less, but a premium e scooter can cost up to $1500. There are no locks specifically made for an electric scooter (yet), but you can use a bike lock to prevent a huge loss.

How do thieves steal electric scooters?

The method depends on what kind of lock you’re using and how serious they are at stealing your electric scooter. The sad truth is, any determined thief can find a way to steal your electric scooter, especially if you have anything more expensive than a Xiaomi M365. If your area has a high bike theft rate, you can expect the same for electric scooters.

Securing an electric scooter is tricky because not all cities have designated spaces where you can lock them, unlike bikes. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to reduce the risk of your electric scooter from getting stolen, which includes buying a high-quality lock.

Different Types of Electric Scooter Locks

The general rule is to spend 10% of the value of your scooter on a lock. Think about how much you’re willing to spend and how much you’re willing to lose.  

Cable locks

As its name suggests, it’s a cable with either a keyed lock or combination lock. You can easily loop this around any frame to secure your electric scooter. You can fend off strangers who want an easy target. The Go Trax G4 has a “tiller lock” which acts as a cable lock.

Unfortunately, cable locks can easily be cut with a wire or bolt cutter. They aren’t much of a visual deterrent too. Cable locks are better used as a secondary lock or wheel lock.  

Chain locks

A chain lock is composed of thick links with a heavy padlock. It provides a higher level of security than a cable lock with the same ease of use. A thief would need a cordless angle grinder to cut a high-quality chain lock made of hardened steel.

The main disadvantage is high-quality chain locks that can’t be easily dismantled by a bolt cutter are heavy. These are 14mm or more chain locks that can weigh more than 3 kg. This will be another thing to carry with your electric scooter.


U-lock is a solid metal shackle with a removable bar. You loop it around a metal railing to secure your electric scooter. It is the most reliable lock you can use compared to a cable and chain. They can still be broken by an angle grinder or ramset, but it’s not easy to break a high-quality U-lock.

U-locks are not cheap, but they are worth the investment. Well-known manufacturers re-design their U-locks to make it more difficult for thieves to remove the lock, even if they managed to cut through the 13mm hardened shackle.

Which Electric Scooter Lock Works best?

The ideal combination is a primary U-lock on the stem and a secondary cable lock for your wheels. U-locks are more lightweight and portable than a chain lock. Some manufacturers provide an anti-theft protection offer for specific locks. This enables you to reimburse a specific amount of money if your electric scooter gets stolen because your lock was broken by force.

For information on how different locks can be broken, check out Lock picking Lawyer. No lock is indestructible to power tools as this YouTube channel will show you. But that doesn’t mean locks are ineffective. They make it harder for the thief to carry away your electric scooter. They give time for someone else to notice or complicate the situation enough for the thief to give up. 

Unless you have a $2500 electric scooter, which would be a waste because of electric scooter laws, no thief would be stupid enough to risk jail time for a midrange scooter. For those who are, there’s a lock for them.