How to Stop your Electric Scooter from Getting Stolen

How to Stop your Electric Scooter from Getting Stolen

Electric scooter theft has sadly become common. Unless you have an electric scooter that looks like a rental, there’s a high probability that it’s going to get stolen. You can use bike locks for your electric scooter, but if the thief is really determined, they can’t really be stopped. This doesn’t mean that you need to strap your electric scooter on your back everywhere you go. There are still ways that you can do to avoid losing your electric scooter.

How to stop your electric scooter from getting stolen?

Don’t leave it outside.

Angle grinders, which are used to steal bikes off the street, can cut through a Kryptonite lock in less than 5 minutes. As much as possible don’t leave your electric scooter outside. There are instances where you’ll need to leave the scooter somewhere, such as in a cinema or gym. In this case, ask a friend before you go or ask an employee.  

Do your research.

Take a look at the news and online forums for places where electric scooters are commonly stolen. The subreddit r/electricscooters is a helpful group in Reddit for getting tips from electric scooter owners.

Take a look at the bikes and scooters locked in your area. If everyone has got chunky U-locks it’s a good indication that you can’t take the risk. Even if their owners are just extra careful, it’s still better to be safe.

Invest in a lock.

Locks are still necessary because they buy you time. If you’re lucky, this time is enough for someone to notice or get the act on camera at least. Don’t rely on your mobile app because they just alert you that the electric scooter is being moved. Even if the wheels lock, it can still be carried away.

Lock manufacturers recommend spending 10% of the value of a bike on a lock. It is still up to you if you’re going to follow the same rule on an electric scooter. Commuter electric scooters can cost up to $1200, which is still a lot of money to lose.

The most reliable and commonly used lock for bikes is the U-lock. There is a rating system that measures the level of security you’ll get. Sold Secure, for example, has gold (highest), silver (a compromise between cost and security), and bronze (for opportunistic thieves). The level of security is equal to the cost. They can vary from $50 – $100+.

Park it wisely.

If you have no choice, make sure it’s parked in a designated area for electric scooters, has a lot of people and there’s a cop nearby. The best thing you can do when you’re not there is to lower the probability or complicate the situation for an easy getaway.

These best practices will help you lower your chances of getting your precious electric scooter stolen. In these trying times, a $600 scooter is still a lot of money. If you’re buying a new electric scooter – or have yet to buy one – pick a portable compact scooter that can easily be stowed away to avoid parking it outside.