What Type of Helmet do I Need for my Electric Scooter?

What Type of Helmet do I Need for my Electric Scooter?

What Type of Helmet do I Need for my Electric Scooter?

Yes, you need to wear a helmet for riding an electric scooter. Even if you’re just using an electric scooter for buying a few things at 711 a kilometer or two away, safety is still very important. There is no helmet specifically made for electric scooters, but there are different types of helmets for bikes and motorcycles that you can use instead.


How do I find the right electric scooter helmet? 

Assess your risk. 

First, you need to consider other factors that put your commute under high risk: 

  • Riding at night and during poor weather conditions. You can use your electric scooter on wet roads (unless you have solid tires), but it’s not advisable to use it when it’s raining.
  • Riding electric scooters on poor or high-trafficked roads without bike lanes. Some cities in Australia do not allow electric scooters on footpaths.


Measure the size of your head. 

Measure the circumference of your head starting at an inch above your eyebrows. Helmet sizes are in centimeters. Do it a few times until you get consistent results. Before buying online, make sure to try a couple of helmets in a store to see which one is comfortable.


What type of electric scooter helmet should I use? 

The type of helmet you’ll need is based on the level of protection you require and the speed of your electric scooter. 


Commuter Bike Helmet 

The commuter bike helmet, also called the urban bike helmet, is designed for use in the streets. It is round instead of the elongated bike helmet that cyclists use on the road. If you’re commuting at a top speed of less than 32 km/h this should be mandatory. 


Mountain Bike Helmet 

If you’re traveling on a road with many obstacles or high-traffic, mountain bike helmets are a better choice than commuter bike helmets. You can choose between a trail helmet (open face, used in mountain biking) or an enduro helmet (full face, used in downhill competitions). If you’re in the city and want more protection than a bike helmet, the trail helmet would be a good alternative. For more coverage than the trail helmet, the full face helmet protects the back and sides of your head, plus a chin bar. It comes with ventilation designed to keep you cool.


Modular (Flip-up) Motorcycle Helmet  

If you want to make the most out of your expensive high-performance electric scooter and ride for more than 32 km/h, you will need a motorcycle helmet. They’re larger and heavier than both the commuter and mountain bike helmet, but they provide better protection.


Motocross or Dirt Bike Helmet 

For maximum protection, the alternative to the motorcycle helmet is the Motorcross or dirt bike full face helmet. It has a design that’s similar to the enduro helmet, but the safety standard for a bike helmet is different from a motorcycle helmet. Be sure to research before you buy

Make sure that the helmet you have or will buy complies with safety standards. Electric scooters for adults are far from the Razor you had as a kid. They could lead to an injury when not used properly. Nonetheless, electric scooters are convenient personal vehicles. As long as you comply with electric scooter laws, you can enjoy basking under the sun avoiding all traffic.