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Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter at Night

Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter at Night

Most e-scooter riders use their electric scooters during the daytime to help travel to work, school, and other places efficiently. However, if you are one of the few riders who use them at night or if you need to suddenly ride them at night, then you should know that the electric scooter rules you are familiar with are slightly different when riding at night. 

For one, since it’s dark, riders should be extra careful. After all, it’s easy to trip on some crevices or bump into pedestrians or other vehicles when riding at night. To avoid inconveniences and keep yourself safe when riding at night, here are a few electric scooter riding tips when riding an electric scooter at night.

Know if local law allows night riding

First of all, know if your city allows e-scooter riding at night. States such as Western Australia and Tasmania prohibit riders from riding at nighttime. Moreover, most States and Territories only allow e-scooter night riding if the scooter is fitted with bright front and rear lights. Every state has different regulations, so it’s best to know yours before you head out at night. If you are not sure about the electric scooter laws in your state, here’s a quick guide on the electric scooter laws in Australia.

Prepare the right safety gear for night riding

Whether you’re riding during daytime or nighttime, always make it a point to wear proper protective gear when riding. This includes wearing a helmet and elbow and knee pads. Moreover, when riding at night, the most essential items that you need are front lights, rear lights, and reflective or visible clothing.

Most e-scooters have a front and rear light fitted. However, if you find your lights dim, you can buy a brighter light and attach it to your e-scooter. A light with more than 500 lumens and a flashing function illuminates a wider area and offers better visibility. Meanwhile, it’s also important to wear a reflective vest or a bright-coloured shirt so that pedestrians and other vehicles can see you while riding. Overall, seeing the road and making others see you are important points when riding at night.

Make sure you have enough battery level

Before you head out, make sure you have enough battery to get to your destination and back. If you suddenly run out of power halfway through your trip, it can be troublesome to ask for help. After all, fewer people are riding and walking at night. Moreover, most stores are closed at night. Moreover, having enough battery will ensure that your lights will stay on for the whole duration of the trip. So, make sure to charge your e-scooter beforehand!

Plan your route beforehand

Knowing how to ride an electric scooter safely at night also includes planning your route. After all, it’s easier to travel in the dark when you’re not having a hard time with a map on your phone. When you already know your route, you can just focus on the path before you. 

Also, when planning your routes, make sure to choose paths in well-lit areas. Riding in dark areas will not only be difficult to ride but also dangerous for you. After all, you might bump into something or someone due to the darkness. For a safe and fun trip, plan your routes well.

Slow down and focus on your route

When riding an electric scooter at night, avoid speeding up. Instead, take it slow and focus on the path before you. Since there’s less visibility at night, it’s best to go slow to avoid tripping over uneven paths, bumping into objects on the road, and accidentally colliding with a pedestrian or vehicle. Riding at slow speeds will allow you to see what’s coming towards you and give you enough time to react or avoid it. Make sure that you also have a bell to alert oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. This will make night riding safer for both parties.

Ride with someone 

One electric scooter riding tip when riding at night is to ride with someone. This doesn’t mean that you should carry a passenger, as that is prohibited. Instead, ask someone to ride their e-scooter, bike, or another vehicle with you. The point is that you shouldn’t be alone, especially when you’re riding late at night or going to an area with few people.

In case you run out of battery, get flat tyres, or collide with someone, you have someone who can help you immediately. However, when riding with someone else, make sure to keep a proper distance between each other to avoid a collision. Also, avoid blocking the road and causing traffic hazards. Overall, it’s highly recommended to ride with someone when riding at night.

Bring a fully-charged mobile phone with you

Finally, make it a habit to bring a fully charged mobile phone whenever you ride, especially if you don’t have a riding partner. In case something bad happens, your phone will be your means to call for help or assistance. If you run out of battery or get a flat tyre, you can use your phone to book a taxi or ride-sharing service. If you get lost, you can use your phone to look at the map or call someone for help. This is a must-have item whenever you head out, so never leave without a phone!

Stay safe and enjoy riding at night

Riding an electric scooter at night is more enjoyable for some since it’s more peaceful and there are fewer people on footpaths. However, to fully enjoy your night rides, make sure that you follow electric scooter road rules and keep a good eye on the road. Keep yourself safe on the road whenever you ride an electric scooter at night.

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