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Should You Get Insurance for an Electric Scooter?

Should You Get Insurance for an Electric Scooter?

Since its boom in 2017, the demand and usage of electric scooters have increased significantly in recent years. Despite the economic effects of the pandemic, the e-scooter industry is able to thrive as it offers a safe and convenient way for people to travel around the city. Because of its growing trend, the electric scooter market is expected to reach USD 34.2 billion globally by 2026, according to the Global Electric Scooter Market.

However, as soon as e-scooters increased in usage, reported accidents and injuries related to e-scooters have also increased. According to a news report in July, the Jamieson Trauma Institute found 797 went to the hospital after being injured on a personal mobility device, which includes electric scooters. Because of increasing reports of crashes and injuries, e-scooters are being deemed dangerous.

Because of the possible risks and injuries in riding an electric scooter, some riders prefer to get insurance for themselves and their electric scooter in case an accident happens. In fact, some countries, like Spain and Malta, require e-scooter riders to get insurance. However, most countries globally don’t require riders to have electric scooter insurance since they are a fairly new transportation device. 

So, given these factors, should you get insurance for an electric scooter?

Do you need insurance for an electric scooter?

First of all, do you need one in the first place? If you are living in a country that requires e-scooter riders to have electric scooter insurance by law, then you must apply for insurance. If your electric scooter laws don’t say anything about getting an e-scooter, it will depend on your needs and lifestyle if you want insurance coverage for an e-scooter. However, it’s definitely recommended. After all, it’s added protection for you and your e-scooter.

Electric scooter laws in Australia generally don’t require e-scooters to be insured. However, in South Australia, they recognise e-scooters as motor vehicles, so riders must have a license, registration and insurance. But, since e-scooters don’t meet safety standards, e-scooters are not eligible for registration and can’t be ridden in public. So, the requirement to get insurance cancels out. 

To be sure of the e-scooter requirements and penalties, riders should check with the local transportation agency or city council regarding your city’s e-scooter laws.

What kind of insurance do you need?

Unfortunately, since electric scooter laws are still not properly defined, there is also a blur when it comes to micro-mobility insurance. However, there are a few insurance agencies that already offer packages specialised in e-scooter accidents and injuries. Some include coverage for injuries and damages for your e-scooter.

If you don’t know where to get specialised insurance, your health insurance will also cover injuries incurred from e-scooter accidents. Just make sure that you have comprehensive health insurance.

However, according to Paul Strobel, an environmental engineer, it may not be worth getting insurance for your e-scooter. “The product quality isn’t at a good enough level yet,” says Strobel in a Forbes article. “Most of the e-scooters you see around in the city have a surprisingly low lifespan.”

This is also true for personal electric scooters. Since e-scooters have an average life span of three to four years, it may not be worth it to pay for long-term e-scooter insurance. However, e-scooter laws are still being discussed and refined, so there will be more insurance options for e-scooter riders once e-scooter laws are clearly defined.

Why you should consider getting insurance for your e-scooter

There are pros and cons to getting electric scooter insurance, but here are a few reasons why it will be beneficial for riders.

1. Get insurance for yourself in case of an accident

Since electric scooters can ride up to speeds of 25 km/h in public and more on private property, there is the possibility of incurring serious injuries in case of a fall or collision. Protect yourself from high medical costs by having yourself insured.

2. Have insurance for fixing your damaged e-scooter

If you damage your electric scooter during a crash, it may cost a lot of money to repair the damages, or worse, you may have to buy a new electric scooter. Having insurance for your e-scooter will also help you cover the costs needed for repair or buying a replacement.

3. Be able to pay for an injured pedestrian or damaged property

When you get into an accident, you also risk involving pedestrians and other riders on the footpath. The right e-scooter insurance will also help you cover costs if you injure others or damage public or private property.

4. Have insurance in case your e-scooter is stolen

Lastly, theft insurance for electric scooters is a must. Believe it or not, e-scooter thefts are more common than you think. After all, they are easier to carry and run away with. E-scooter insurance will also cover costs if your e-scooter gets stolen or damaged after being stolen. 

Remember to put safety first!

If you don’t want to get electric scooter insurance or if you are still not sure about it, then there’s one thing that you can do to avoid possible injuries and accident costs. Ride safely and responsibly. 

Make sure that you know your city’s electric scooter law and follow the road rules. Make sure to also ride responsibly and be mindful of others on the road. In this way, you don’t need to get insurance since you will be preventing yourself from getting into accidents.

However, if you are concerned about the uncertainties of travelling on the road, then getting the right insurance for you and your electric scooter is good protection. 

Aside from this, it’s important to have a reliable and sturdy electric scooter that has strong and functioning brakes and other safety features. Mearth puts safety first, so we ensure that you get reliable and durable electric scooters. Browse our shop to check our latest electric scooter models.