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Riding electric scooters in Melbourne

Riding electric scooters in Melbourne

Riding electric scooters in Melbourne

Electric scooters are prohibited in most parts of Australia since most e-scooters in the market don’t meet the law’s requirements. However, as the demand for electric scooters and other micro-mobility devices grew, more cities in the country are starting to revise their e-scooter laws, allow more powerful e-scooters in public, or implement shared e-scooter systems.

Personal electric scooters in Melbourne are only allowed in public if it follows the required speed and power output. However, the Victorian government has been pushing for shared e-scooter schemes to make commuting more efficient for locals and tourists. If you are looking for electric scooters for sale in Melbourne, here are e-scooter guidelines and updates that you should know before buying.

Electric scooter law in Melbourne

Electric scooter laws in Victoria consider electric scooters as wheeled recreational devices, so e-scooter riders must follow the rules for wheeled recreational devices. As per the electric scooter laws in VIC, e-scooters are only allowed on footpaths and certain roads if they have a maximum power output of 200W and a speed limit of 10 km/h. However, most electric scooters in the market offer a higher motor power and speed limit, making them illegal to ride in public.

Electric scooter safety requirements

According to law, road-legal electric scooters in Victoria must also comply with the following safety requirements:

  • Riders must wear an approved helmet.
  • The road-legal electric scooter must be fitted with at least one effective brake, and a bell or horn.
  • When riding at night, electric scooters must be fitted with a flashing or steady white light in the front, a flashing or steady red light on the back, and a red reflector on the back.
  • Riders caught with an illegal device will be fined $826. Other penalties may also apply.

    Where to use electric scooters in Melbourne

    Road-legal electric scooters in Melbourne can’t ride on certain roads. According to the law, wheeled recreational devices can’t be used:

  • on the pedestrian side of separated paths
  • on roads with dividing lines or median strips
  • on roads with a speed limit of more than 50 km per hour
  • on the road at night, except to cross the road. However, this rule does not apply to scooters with lights.
  • in the slipstream of another vehicle
  • where there is a 'No Wheeled Recreational Devices or Toys' sign.

    Electric scooter trials in Melbourne

    E-scooters in Victoria are prohibited unless they follow the requirements and guidelines. However, the Victorian government has recently announced their plan to run a shared electric scooter scheme in four cities, including Melbourne. The e-scooter trial will run for 12 months and will start this spring. The trial is also only available for approved shared e-scooter operators, so private electric scooters are still not allowed.

    Compared to other e-scooter trials in the country, the shared electric scooters in Melbourne will feature units with higher motor power and speed limits than the current e-scooter law in Victoria. The shared e-scooters are allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

    Moreover, the shared e-scooters are allowed to be ridden on shared paths, bicycle lanes, and low-speed roads with a top speed limit of 50 kph. However, they will not be allowed to ride on footpaths, unlike the current e-scooter law in Victoria. Nonetheless, this is a great first step to introduce and encourage Melbourne electric scooters.

    As of writing, the Victorian government has yet to release which e-scooter companies will operate during the trial.

    Electric scooter repair shops in Melbourne

    Even though personal electric scooters are not allowed to be ridden in public, you can still ride them within private property. When you buy a personal e-scooter, you will need to maintain it to prolong its life span or replace some parts if it gets damaged.

    For repairs, there are several available electric scooter repair shops in Melbourne, VIC. For an electric scooter repair in Melbourne, you may go to local electric scooter shops or PEV shops to have your e-scooter fixed.

    For Mearth electric scooter owners, you can request a repair via our website. If a component can be replaced, Mearth will inform you of the cost of the component and the component will be up for online order. Otherwise, you will need to send the product to our office in Sydney for repairs.

    Shop for electric scooters in Melbourne

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