What are Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tyres and How does it Work?

What are Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tyres and How Do They Work?


One of the most significant parts of an electric scooter for adults is the tyres. It connects the e-scooter to the ground and is partly responsible for safety, ride quality, and durability. That’s why many riders consider electric scooter tyres when they buy an electric scooter online.

One type of e-scooter tyre that’s popular among riders and manufacturers are electric scooter pneumatic tyres. This type of e-scooter tyre gives a better ride quality compared to solid tyres. Learn more about pneumatic tyres and how they work in this electric scooter guide.

What is a Pneumatic Tyre?

Pneumatic or air-filled tyres are a popular type of vehicle and electric scooter tyres that are made of rubber. It uses air pressure to fill and maintain its form while running.

The easiest way to identify pneumatic tyres is to look for the valve stem, which is the small tube protruding either from the sides of the tyre rim or in the centre of the wheel. The valve stem fills or empties the air from the tyre. It also allows you to check the air pressure when connected to a tyre pressure gauge.

Aside from e-scooters, most vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and bicycles, use pneumatic or air-filled tyres due to the traction and ride quality it provides

Types of Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tyres

  • Tubeless Tyres

As its name suggests, tubeless tyres only consist of the tyre material and the tyre rim which forms into an air-tight tyre. It is commonly used in automobiles and high-performance e-scooters since tubeless pneumatic tyres tend to be more durable and puncture-resistant.

However, since air-filled tyres still get flats, one downside to using tubeless tyres is the difficulty of changing them. Some electric scooters will require you to remove the whole wheel to get the tyre off. It’s often removed in a tyre shop with a tyre removal machine.

  • Inner Tube Tyres

Inner tube tyres are usually used on bicycles and average electric scooters. The distinct characteristic of these types of tyres includes a heavy outer tyre with treads. Inside the outer tyre, you will find an inner tube that contains the air and the valve stem. 

When the tyres get punctured, one benefit of using inner tube tyres is that you only need to replace the inner tube. This makes tyre replacements fast and easy.

How Do Electric Scooter Pneumatic Tyres Work?

Pneumatic tyre scooters work by sealing pressurised air inside an air-tight tyre. The tyre material and tyre rims contain the air for tubeless tyres, while the tube of an inner tube tyre holds the air. The pressurised air enables the tyres to carry the weight of the e-scooter and the rider since the air inside the tyres is greater than the atmospheric air.

The trick to maximising your tyres is getting the right tyre pressure. Having a suitable tyre pressure will allow you to ride comfortably and ride through different terrains efficiently. Maintaining the right tyre pressure will prolong your e-scooter tyres. Maintain your tyres by learning more about electric scooter tyre pressure.

Why Do E-scooters Use Pneumatic Tyres?

Lower Rolling Friction

Air-filled tyres provide lower rolling friction, which means that the tyres lose less energy while rolling. Overall, you get better speeds and range with less friction hindering your tyres.

Better Ride Quality

Unlike a solid tyre, pneumatic tyres offer more cushioning, allowing you to ride smoothly and comfortably. The air in the tyres absorbs the shock from the bumps on the road, providing a better riding experience. Some scooters only use pneumatic tyres as their only suspension, since it offers enough comfort while riding.

Better Traction

This type of tyre uses supple rubber and offers better traction, especially on slippery or wet roads. These tyres are generally safer since they don’t slip easily. Moreover, it allows e-scooters to stop quickly, reducing their braking distance.

Suitable for Uneven Paths

Since pneumatic tyres absorb shock well, it adapts quickly to uneven surfaces. That’s why most high-performance and off-road e-scooters like the Mearth GTS Series use pneumatic tyres as it treads better on different kinds of terrain. Moreover, most are resistant to punctures which are perfect for rocky paths.

Less Noisy

Finally, pneumatic tyres produce very little noise thanks to their rubber material and shock-absorbing capability. If you live in a quiet neighbourhood, zipping around with air-filled tyres ensures that you don’t disturb others. 

The Disadvantages of Pneumatic Tyres

Prone to Flats

Although electric scooter pneumatic tyres are resilient against punctures and flats, the tyres don’t guarantee that you will never get a flat tyre. Riding recklessly and using insufficient tyre pressure will wear down your tyres quickly and make them more prone to flats. If you want to avoid getting flats, here’s how to prevent your electric scooter from having a flat tyre.

Tyre Pressure Maintenance

Using air-filled tyres means you constantly need to monitor the condition of your tyre pressure. If you always use it on challenging terrains, you might find yourself adjusting them often to maintain them. E-scooters are generally low-maintenance, but tyre pressure is one part of maintenance that you need to keep in mind.

Should You Choose Pneumatic E-scooter Tyres?

Pneumatic tyres offer more pros than cons, making them an ideal e-scooter tyre. If you prefer comfort and durability and don’t mind monitoring tyre pressure, choose an e-scooter that uses air-filled tyres. However, if you don’t like fixing a flat tyre, go for a solid tyre instead since it offers less maintenance.

One of the best electric scooters with pneumatic tyres include the Mearth RS Series. It features a robust 10-inch pneumatic tyre that can take on different terrains. Couple this with a powerful motor and a large battery capacity, and you have a well-rounded e-scooter that’s perfect for everyday rides and long trips.

Overall, consider the type of tyre you will use when looking for an e-scooter to buy. 

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