How to Prevent Your Electric Scooter from Having a Flat Tyre

How to Prevent Your Electric Scooter from Having a Flat Tyre

How to Prevent Your Electric Scooter from Having a Flat Tyre

Getting a flat tyre is more common than you think. In fact, it’s one of the most common defects for electric scooters with pneumatic or air-filled tyres. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the least maintained parts of an electric scooter. 

If you always end up getting a flat tyre, then you might not be doing preventive measures to avoid it. This electric scooter guide lists down all the preventive measures that you can do to reduce your chances of getting a flat tyre.

But first, how do you get a flat tyre in the first place?

How do you get a flat tyre?

A flat tyre can occur due to several reasons: 

    • Sharp debris
      While riding, your tyres could get punctured with sharp debris. If you usually ride off-road or on non-pavement paths, then your tyres are prone to sharp rocks, wood, glass, and even nails. Anything sharp and hard enough can puncture your inner tube.

    • Strong impact
      Tyres can also get punctured when you hit a sidewalk, object, or another vehicle while riding at high speeds. This can also happen when riding on rough terrain since surfaces are uneven, so your tyres are prone to stronger impacts.

    • Wrong tyre pressure
      If your tyres are over or under-inflated, then your tyres have a greater risk of getting punctured. This usually happens to old tyres, so always check if you have the right tyre pressure.

  • Wrong tyre installation

Lastly, your tyres might not be installed properly. Brand-new tyres provide the correct tyre installation. So, all you need to do is maintain. If you are not sure how to replace your tyres, have a mechanic replace them for you to avoid installing them incorrectly and hurting yourself.

Take note that inner-tube tyres are more prone to getting a flat tyre. Also, if you own an off-roading electric scooter like the Mearth GTS Series, then you don’t have to worry about getting punctured often. These electric scooters use big, patterned tyres designed to withstand different terrains, so it’s rare to get a flat tyre. Of course, you still have to take care of these tyres to prevent them from punctures and wearing. 

How to prevent a flat tyre

1. Do regular maintenance

Before every ride, inspect your electric scooter tyres, especially the tyre pressure. One simple and quick way to check is by kicking your tyre to check if it has enough air inside. If it’s too soft, then it might need more air. If it’s too hard, then you might need to let some air out. Make sure to also check for debris within and around the wheels, to avoid damaging your tyres.

2. Don’t ride recklessly

Avoid speeding up when riding in public or on rough terrains. It is not only unsafe but also damaging to your tyres. Remember that strong impacts can also blow a hole in your tyres, so always maintain speeds below the speed limit. Also, avoid riding during rainy days since more debris and particles could get inside the wheels.

3. Insert heavy-duty inner tubes

If you are replacing your inner tubes, choose a heavy-duty or puncture-resistant inner tube. These are slightly expensive, but they will help strengthen and prolong the life of your electric scooter tyres. You can also use tyre liners or anti-puncture tape to make your tyres resistant to punctures.

4. Use a tyre sealant

An electric scooter tyre sealant (also called tyre slime) is a green liquid that seals existing punctures or prevents your tyres from getting them. Tyre sealants work on small punctures that are ¼ inch or smaller. So, you would need to be careful not to get bigger punctures, since your tyre sealant will not be able to cover up the puncture.

5. Replace worn-out tyres

If your tyres are very old and worn out, then it’s better to replace them with new tyres to prevent getting more flats. This should be your last resort as it can be a waste to replace tyres that are used for less than five years unless they are in very bad shape.

Depending on your electric scooter model, you can replace tyres on your own. If you want to replace your tyres for the Mearth S or Mearth S Pro, here’s Mearth’s step-by-step guide to changing tyres for the Mearth S Series

Meanwhile, if you want to change tyres for your Mearth GTS or GTS MAX, here’s our guide to changing tyres for the Mearth GTS Series.

If you are not sure how to fix electric scooter punctures or replace a tyre, remember to seek professional help to avoid damaging your electric scooter or getting an injury.

Make your rides worry-free

Remember to follow these preventive measures before, during, and after riding your electric scooter. Keep in mind that your electric scooter is one of the most vital parts of your electric scooter since it’s the one that helps you move. If you don’t care for your tyres properly, you don’t maximise the full potential of your electric scooter. Plus, it will only leave you with unnecessary maintenance costs. 

If you don’t want to deal with punctures at all, choose an electric scooter that uses solid tyres instead. Since they are not filled with air, it’s more durable and puncture-free. However, take note that solid tyres provide very little cushioning, so ride quality may have to be sacrificed. If you don’t mind a little rattling while riding, then solid tyres will help solve your flat tyre concern.