Poster-Boys of Green Mobility also Pocket-Friendly

Poster-Boys of Green Mobility also Pocket-Friendly

Who or what are the poster-boys of green mobility? Top-mind recall yields no less than the trend-setting, global phenomenon that is the electric scooter, also known as private mobility devices (PMDs).


How do you think private mobility devices or PMDs as they’re called yield eco-friendly savings on CO2 emissions? 

First and foremostly, by shifting to electric mobility, many countries will save tons of carbon dioxide emissions, projected to be achieved by 2030. This study has been supported by authoritative economic and environmental experts. 

For one, an electric scooter on the road does help in reducing the harmful air pollution, especially benefitting the younger generations, and the next. 

It is not fiction nor a mere figment of imagination to say that the whole world is fighting global warming and drastic climate change, as this is causing increased conflicts and political tensions among nations today. So, what gives?

As sales of electric scooters continue to soar, many car users are ripe and ready to do their bit for the environment by opting to shift to private mobility devices like the electric scooter which have zero tailpipe emissions, and as such, will greatly help save our environment from smog, air pollution and delay the impending climate change. 

Another almost immediate effect of the shift is the improvement and betterment of public health, and then of course, a conscious effort to mitigate ecological harm. Helping minimize the exhaustion of harmful emissions will lead to better air quality, and to lessening health problems.

What happens when you ride an electric scooter? 

As many riders repeatedly extol, it’s an extraordinary riding experience indeed that helps reduce fatigue/stress for the rider. You see, electric scooters don’t have gears – so you just accelerate, brake, and steer to manage and enjoy a calm, convenient, safe, and noise-free ride. Mearth offer the upgraded S Series, the RS and the all-new RS Pro Series, the GTS EVO and the GTS MAX EVO Series 2023 which assures riders that their riding experience is going to be even more enjoyable, with no complicated controls to think about. 

An added, incontestable benefit is the slightest noise that an electric scooter produces. For one, the electric scooter’s motor is very quiet compared to the car’s internal combustion engines and their exhaust systems. Studies revealed petrol-powered vehicle noise can cause many negative impacts, like increased anxiety, stress, depression, high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, and so on. Noise pollution can also increase the risk of severe depressive symptoms in people who use cars. 

Another noteworthy benefit to be considered is the convenient charging. Electric scooters use electricity to charge their batteries. Unlike fossil fuels, in particular petrol or diesel. Charging one’s electric scooter can be done in the comfort and privacy of one’s home so it’s easier and more convenient for the e-scooter owner and rider to charge their electric scooter any given time, instead of waiting in a long queue at the gas stations for their turn to fuel up. 

Are there really savings to be gained when you use an electric scooter? 

Getting an e-scooter gives you an advantage especially in the area of savings. How? No need to go to lengths to gas up. The prices of fuel are constantly rising and that’s enough to cause stress. That costs money too. Another savings is that you don’t need for your car have a monthly tune up or maintenance check up. Charging your electric scooter can be done in the comfort of your abode.  Parking is also an expense that costs, each time. Electric scooters are lightweight, portable, foldable and can be easily carried anywhere, or tucked in some secure small spot, then unfolded again when you want to ride it.

Finally, the big chunk of expense you can do away with is the car purchase, whether on installment terms or cash payment upfront, the amount you shell out can drill a hole in your pocket. On the average, Mearth premium, top-tier electric scooters cost a fraction, starting out at $699. only. Isn't that a relief?

In summary, electric scooters are without a doubt the future! The manifold benefits of owning an electric scooter with superior features, functionality and built cannot be considered trivial. For 2023, think, move forward and go electric. 

Reward yourself with something substantial. Get any of the upgraded 2023 Mearth electric scooter model, either the S Series, RS and all-new RS Series, the GTS EVO and GTS MAX EVO Series, all packed with all the awesome enhancements and superior features that’s the envy of its competitors. 

In so many ways, Mearth continually puts more effort into developing, innovating its state-of-the-art, environment-friendly transport devices as part of its advocacy, and to help more and more commuters breathe easy, breathe better and enjoy a much improved quality of life.