Review from a happy owner and rider:

Sunny days are meant for strolling around the city, having leisurely walks in the park, and when feeling a bit bushed, up goes the sleek, black, compact Mearth commuter electric scooter with visible red accent on the wheels. “Yeah, well, that is my scooter. It’s an S Pro. Mearth is the brand and I am totally besotted,” begins Claire Chapman, 29, an independent business woman from Melbourne. 


I have just unfolded my lightweight, foldable S Pro scooter. In a bit, I am off to work, go to meetings. If you’re looking for a reliable e-scooter for the first time, go for the one that’s smooth and comfortable to ride on the road and go around the city, sweeping past through heavy traffic minus the glitch. I truly recommend to go and get a Mearth S Pro -- it’s a thumbs up for me.” 

Claire is a thriving interior stylist. She continues, “I may be new in the game of electric scooter riding but, having gained confidence after the first hurdle, I feel like I am riding a marvel superhero that’s easy to maneuver, adjusting accordingly as I navigate effortlessly through quite tricky paths in the city.


Without much ado and for the record, I am sharing five things that I liked the most about this indispensable, quietly powerful and ingenious piece of transport - my Mearth S Pro electric scooter.”


Talk about Power

"You can ride the Mearth S Pro nicely. Cruise around at 10mph, save your battery and get a pat on the back for being a law abiding citizen. When your mood perks up, like I often experience, be a bit daring and pick up speed on that empty road in front of you, safely."


Specifications of Mearth S Pro:  350 watts with a peak power of 750 watts and a max speed of 32 kph. 

"Whether you’re looking for a new way to cruise around the city or extend your trip in the suburbs, Mearth S Pro e-scooter is the real deal. It doesn’t look aggressive. You can ride your Mearth S Pro electric scooter easily throughout the cityscape and maneuver it effortlessly like you’d ride a smaller commuter scooter. I also love that Mearth S Pro has a swappable battery system. I can extend my ride and go a farther distance, traveling to different paths at any given time. With my Mearth S Pro electric scooter, I ventured things are going to get better and better.” 

Stability matters

By nature, Claire is a bit of a doubting Thomas, and considers product claims are exaggerated. “But the S Pro turned me into a believer! First of all, the weight which is 15 lbs, so you will not be bouncing around while riding -- thanks to the 10” inch explosion-proof pneumatic wheels, I can rely on getting a smoother ride even on rough roads. You get a feeling of a smooth, comfortable ride. I make sure though, to avoid the rocks along the way. The S Pro has wide handlebars, just perfect grips and a spacious standing deck that holds perfectly. You need not worry about slipping down. Ideal for everyday city ride, especially on a clear day." 


Love the affordable price…and more!

The warranty period starts right after your purchase of the S Pro. You get 24 months warranty on the throttle, frame and controller and 12 months on motor, battery, and charger. You also get free maintenance. Customer support is professional, always ready and available. For more details, see mearth.com.au.


Easily, Mearth is a popular choice among electric scooters in Australia, and in fact is well-loved. It's not a surprise if it became an admired household name early on,” adds Clarita. "Superior quality and top-notch performance identify the brand."

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re getting your own electric scooter for the first time, go for the brand that performs really well on the road. The 2023 upgraded electric scooter models of Mearth are really wow! What’s incredible is that you can get them at an easy-to-own unbelievably reasonable price. But the huge plus is that you’ll be spared of headaches on maintenance and parts. I stake my rep, it’s worth every bit I paid for ‘cause I got a really good deal."  


For Claire, it takes a lot to transform her into a believer of a product’s commercially touted superior features and benefits. She admits “I was happily surprised to learn Mearth is an Australian brand, made in Australia – for Australians. That made all the difference, mates!”


Mearth S Pro’s got the can-do attitude

“Maybe, just maybe, you’re bored seeing the same old, same old, familiar routes and would like to take your ride off-road for some bit of kick. You know the feeling, I do too. Trying to push the limit, with care, though. I’m saying, Mearth S Pro supports our inclination cause it is the real deal. While it really is sleek in black, it doesn’t look intimidating but classy. You can ride it to cruise through the city, maneuvering effortlessly. And later, just the hit power mode and set free every watt the S Pro got. It’s got a peak power of 350 watts if you want to ride through other sections as you gather speed at 32 km/h. The ABS, anti-lock brake system, also gives one that extra confidence to hit the allowable limit without worrying too much.”  


Well, there you have it! I am a city folk totally lovin' my Mearth S Pro electric scooter! Really an exciting and very durable scooter. I am in my late twenties now, but I haven't had so much fun on a scooter since I was a kid. Yes, I do admit I love my Mearth S Pro!” 


First-hand testimonial from a happy user like Claire Chapman echoes similar responses from thousands of satisfied users of Mearth electric scooters, and it truly warms the heart of everyone -- Mearth’s hardworking team – from its founder and CEO, to the very capable and efficient frontliners, the technical and product support working behind-the-scenes, the creative marketing and business development group.


It is a Christmas message that resonates beyond the season, inspiring all at Mearth to work even harder, committed to giving commuters a better option, to help improve their quality of life, and driven to ensure a sustainable environment for this generation and beyond.