6 Practical Ways to Properly Store Your Electric Scooter

6 Practical Ways to Properly Store Your Electric Scooter

6 Practical Ways to Properly Store Your Electric Scooter  | Mearth News


Simple question, simple answer: How do you ensure your electric scooter will be in good condition and its lifespan is lengthened? List down so you won’t forget -- one important part of maintaining your electric scooter in tip-top condition is to store it properly -- whether it is inside your home, in the garage, in a storage room or in an enclosed space. Electric scooters are not high maintenance, but you, as an owner need to be aware of your responsibility take good care of your personal possession properly. Go by the book, follow these steps:

1. Clean before you store.

Thoroughly clean, dust and remove other particles that could accumulate in some components of your electric scooter -- after you use your e-scooter. Wiping the parts, especially underneath the deck, with a towel will do the trick. Take time to inspect your e-scooter for any damage after you return from an errand or last trip.

2. Fully charge before you store.

Don’t forget to fully charge your e-scooter before you store it. Do not ever leave your battery drained, even if you will not be using it for quite sometime. If you fail or forget to do so, it can affect your battery’s capacity and performance once you use it again.

3. Unplug the fully charged battery.

After you have done the above, turn off your e-scooter properly and make sure it is no longer plugged in after charging. Remove its battery and store it somewhere else that’s dry and safe if the storage temperature is not ideal for the battery.

4. Fold and lock before you put away.

Next, fold your e-scooter. After folding, lock your e-scooter in place to make it easier to store it, especially if you will put in a small space. If you are going to store your electric scooter for a long time, you need to check on it now, every now and then. Avoid charging your electric scooter in an area where it’s too cold or too hot. Harsh temperatures can deplete your battery’s capacity and lifespan faster. You must charge it at least once a month. This is to keep the battery in good condition.

5. Store in a clean, dry area.

Always store your electric scooter in a clean, dark, and dry place like a garage or room storage to keep it good condition. Do not store your e-scooter in a moist basement or in an extremely cold or hot area like a shed with no heating or sunlight, or other areas prone to flooding. You don’t want to corrode some of your e-scooter’s components or deplete your battery capacity.

6. Cover with a storage bag to protect it from the elements.

Leaving your electric scooter inside the garage or storage area may not be enough. Dust could accumulate on the e-scooter, especially if you intend to store it for a long time. It is advisable to use an electric scooter storage that’s designed specifically for storing your e-scooter.

For sure, you will notice, these are really commonsense, easy-to-do, practical tips you can accomplish without a fuss. Afterall, taking care of your electric scooter will prolong its lifespan and make your investment work for you longer.