Mearth Donates Electric Scooters to Healthcare Workers

Mearth Donates Electric Scooters to Healthcare Workers


During this time of the pandemic, healthcare workers are the ones doing the most important part. Though it is their job to take care of the sick. Still, it is not easy to risk their lives and be vulnerable to the virus. And as they travel to work every day, it is an inconvenience for them to spend hours in public transportation or to walk alone at night. That is why, as a token of appreciation, Mearth donates electric scooters to healthcare workers.


The Decision to Donate

The decision to donate is rather simple. Mearth decided that it is the right time to show appreciation to healthcare workers. These honorable people deserve the convenience of traveling to work without worrying about social distancing, parking fees, and other things.

Electric scooters might not help them inside the emergency rooms or in the ICU but surely they can help them at least improve their ride to their workplaces. The electric scooters will not only give them convenience but also a fun way of traveling from the start to the end of their shifts.


How can we help healthcare workers?

Not all healthcare workers have their own car. Electric scooters give the freedom to practice social distancing and the convenience of hassle-free transportation.

One of Mearth’s beneficiaries, Jhureen Gabalunos of Macquarie University Hospital said, “E-scooter will help the medical workforce who commutes daily on train and buses. It will make them faster and easier to move from one place to another. Late-night travel won’t be a problem around a certain area who lives far from the bus stop. With E-scooter’s headlight and visibility functions coming home from work is much safer than walking on a dark footwalk at night.” 

Because of the scooter’s lightweight feature, it is easy for people to bring and store it inside their lockers. This saves them from a 10-15 minute walk to parking spaces and even cuts the cost of paying for parking fees. For healthcare workers who stay at the hospital to work early and even stay up to 12hrs of shift daily, it is practical.


It is good to help

Currently, Mearth has donated several dozen electric scooters to healthcare workers in hospitals like Macquarie University Hospital, Meditech Staffing, Mater Hospital Sydney, Royal North Shore, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Footscray Hospital Emergency Department, Queensland Health Caboolture Hospital and more.

There are still rules and regulations per state that healthcare workers should be aware of. But since the trend of using electric scooters arises in this trying time, we are looking to a bright future. That after this pandemic, the possibility of updating the regulations will happen.

New enquiries have been closed last 22 April. However, there are still healthcare workers who were shortlisted and are still in the process to receive their electric scooters.

It is rather rewarding to be able to give back to the community, especially in this trying time. It is worth every electric scooter to be able to make the lives of these healthcare workers easier than what they are already facing every day at work.