Electric scooter Versus Cars: Which is more cost-effective?

Electric scooter Versus Cars: Which is more cost-effective?

Traffic is always a problem in any big city and authorities are always finding ways to improve it. One effective way is through micro-mobility. It lessens the need to use public transportation, lessens the carbon footprint, and can even help save money. As the need for micro-mobility arises, this begs the question, between an electric scooter versus cars, which one would be better?


The average annual cost to own a car in Australia is around $10,478. That includes paying for fuel, registration, servicing, and other necessities. And that is in addition to the cost of buying the car. An average car needs to be maintained inside and out. And for some, they would do alterations like color, tire, and others. Overall, just by having, and maintaining a car, it will literally cost you thousands of dollars not to mention the depreciation every year.

There are also transport services like Uber and taxis around Australia that are definitely cheaper than buying your own car. But due to high volume transit times, fairs may raise and will cause an additional cost. In demand, the use of these apps and services is also a disadvantage because of their availability. Waiting game for these transport services is seriously a cause of delay.

On average, 24.6% of Australian commuters use public transport. Though it costs lower than buying your own car, it still costs as much as $104.52. With Sydney being the most expensive city, it costs around $151.45 a month which makes Australia the second most expensive public transport in the world.

Electric scooters, on the other hand, have become a trend for a faster and hassle-free commute. It also costs significantly less than an average car, obviously. The Mearth X Pro only costs $850, ten times cheaper than an average car with all the expenses that comes with it annually. Additionally, electric scooters can help you save on fuel costs. There is an average cost of $1,500 spent per year on fuel that is used by cars. That huge amount of money can already be spent on other essentials such as groceries. 


In times of heavy traffic jams, cars are mostly caught in the midst of the congested situation. It does not matter whether you are in your own car or in a mode of public transport, it won’t get you anywhere unless the traffic clears out. The average time of travel in the cities of Australia is 49-59 minutes approximately. The reasons for increasing commute time may vary per state but the most common is due to road congestion, urban expansion, and poor public transport services. 

Micro-mobility can give a significant solution to this problem. Electric scooters, electric bikes, and the likes are easily accessible and can go pass through the traffic immediately. Making less time to travel and more time to do things you need to do. Plus, it saves you the time to look for a parking space.


Driving a car that weighs more than 2600lbs requires a lot of energy. It requires both physical and mechanical energy from the person and the machine inside the car. Carbon emissions from cars also affect the overall aspect of global energy consumption. 

Regardless of how eco-friendly a vehicle is intended to be, there is constantly a carbon footprint created during the assembling procedure. For a daily family vehicle, 7 tons of carbon dioxide is discharged into the air during its manufacture. The measure of CO2 is much greater for an electric vehicle as it is just about 8 tons. For e-scooters, the number of CO2 created during manufacturing is generally 1% of the car’s carbon footprint. 

Electric micro-mobility devices like electric scooters are orders of magnitude cheaper to build, more energy-efficient, and more eco-friendly than different other options. As it does not require a lot or no additional infrastructure. Electric scooters are as good as it is with proper recharging time and maintaining its good condition.

Is it better?

Electric scooter versus cars.

It definitely is better to get an electric scooter than a car. Learning to get to use an electric scooter after using cars can be a learning curve. But the benefit is way more than the cost. And to be able to have that momentous change to get better savings and better sustainability, a change in lifestyle is also needed. But for everyday travel use to go to work, the use of electric scooters is definitely a must if you want a hassle-free journey.

Though it is still a long process to allow electric scooter use in every state of Australia, we are looking at the bright side. Especially, after the pandemic where the demand for these scooters will definitely rise.