How to set up for a Great Christmas: Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas

How to set up for a Great Christmas: Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas? Whether it’s the latest phone or the best flying drone, you can never go wrong by giving your loved ones something “state of the art”.  Here are our top 10 tech gift suggestions that everyone, especially tech lovers, would enjoy.

1. Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter with electric scooter helmet

Electric scooters have been all the rage recently and with good reason—they’re convenient and lots of fun. The Mearth X Pro has the largest LED display available in the market. It can reach up to 25kph and has a 45km range, a perfect companion for short trips to the grocery or even your daily commute. A durable and lightweight electric scooter helmet is available if safety is a concern. The Mearth X Pro retails at $1,200 and comes with a 2-year warranty on the frame. It’s definitely one of the coolest and useful Christmas gift ideas.


2. GoPro HERO5 Session 

Image of GoPro hero 5

The summer season is on its way and what better way to capture the memories of an adventure filled summer than through the GoPro Hero5 Session. Shockproof and waterproof, it’s sure to keep up with the active lifestyle of your average Aussie on holiday. The GoPro Hero5 is available for $149.99, complete with accessories. 


3. Apple Airpods

Want an immersive experience that lasts forever, Apple Airpods provides rich, high quality audio and voice. With a convenient portable charger, it is the best pair of earphones you can get on. Also, with 24 hour of listening time with the case you’ll always have a great day. The latest Apple Airpods are priced at $164.99 and is completely wireless.


4. Furbo Dog Camera

Need an extra hand when you’re on the go? Have no worries with Furbo. Furbo keeps track of your dog with multiple sensors so you always know what’s happening. With a built-in camera, you can interact with your dog and have every angle when it happens. The Easy 3-step setup ensures simplicity and at a great price of $199, you’re sure to capture every moment wherever you are. 


5. Nintendo Switch 

Play your way with the Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re at home or with friends, you can always rely on a great time with the best gaming system. Designed to fit your life, this handheld device is convenient and portable, so you can enjoy your favourite games anytime, anywhere. At a retail price of $279.99, it’s a great steal for gamers of any age. 


6. Fitbit Ionic Watch

In addition to the time, the Fitbit Ionic Watch has tons of apps that can help you keep track of everything all throughout the day. With a built-in GPS, you can always be on top of your pace, distance and routes in real time. Whether you’re running, swimming, or working out, it tracks them all. The Fitbit Ionic Watch is available at $193.79 and it comes with small and large band size for the perfect, comfortable fit.


7. Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 is unlike any other. It can take studio quality images without the expensive studio or editing. Capture brilliant colour and control the exposure balance of different parts of your images and videos. Get more done with the voice-controlled Google Assistant—you can send text and share videos. Get it today at a good price of $599 and always have beautiful photos, no matter where you take them.


8. Echo Dot – Smart Speaker with Alexa

This is the perfect gift to connect you anywhere, anytime.The Echo Dot is the most popular voice-controlled speaker with improved designs. It’s exactly what you need. Sound quality is better than ever before. Connect with others, hands-free. With Alexa, you have complete control and at retail price of $34.99, you don’t want to miss out on this great deal.


9. Apple Watch Series 5

Get the latest from Apple: the Apple Watch Series 5 has a display that is always on. Showing you not only time, but the most important information that keeps you going. It’s swimproof and portable, so you can tackle all your activities in one go. Stay connected with the latest apps seconds from your reach. From $699, you can get your Apple Watch Series 5 today.


10. Sonos Beam

Anyone who has a smart device needs a Sonos Beam. It is a smart wireless sound bar that connects all devices in one easy go. The smart compact soundbar is easy to use and connects everything that matters. The Bult-in Amazon Alexa is the right device to play your music and get your questions answered, completely hands free. Sonos Beam is available today at $398.98 and is simple to set up.


There you have it, our top picks for unique tech-themed Christmas gift ideas. Get one to enjoy all the latest technology and gadgets today. There is something for everyone so you can enjoy every moment, everyday.