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How electric scooters help during the pandemic

Public transportation has been a commonplace in our society. But as the world stands still to limit the spread of the pandemic, the use of public transportation has been limited. The use of personal vehicles is now encouraged as it is one of the safest ways to travel in the midst of COVID-19. Owned electric scooters and electric bikes are now becoming more useful for their convenience and efficiency.

Transportation options in the midst of pandemic

An article published by The Telegraph states that traveling on public transport makes someone six times more vulnerable to any acute respiratory disease, specifically on trains in more populated cities. People tend to squeeze in the crowd and hold onto something that might be infected and other risks. That is why the use of personal vehicles is widely encouraged almost everywhere.

According to research by Ipsos, the trend of using and buying private cars in China increased after the COVID-19 outbreak struck the country. This is due to the fact that the people are being cautious in using public transportation because of the coronavirus scare. Here in Australia, most people used to riding trains, buses, ferries and trams for public transportation. But since the coronavirus outbreak, these public transport services are being strictly monitored. To keep the social distancing and some are being avoided for safety reasons. They prohibit traveling in groups. Each state in the country provided a list of only reasonable excuses that allowed each individual as a reason for leaving their homes. With this fact, there is no question that the use of a personal vehicle is more likely to rise even after this pandemic has ended.

In this trying time, people go to nearby places to run some quick errands but with limitations. And keep a safe distance between each other. These people need an efficient way to travel. At the same time, something that would not damage the environment in the long run.

This is where electric scooters come in. The light-weight assembly of this equipment enables the user to have a hassle-free day in running errands. They’re cheaper than cars, require little to no parking spaces, and don’t need to be filled up at the petrol station. Electric scooters are foldable that you can carry inside some supermarkets. They eliminate the need for walking long distances which helps you spend less time outside. Lastly, they help promote social distancing by traveling alone and lesser contact with other people.

Post-pandemic transportation

Electric scooters can offer a safer alternative in the rise of micro-mobility in this time of pandemic. And even after it ends, electric scooters will still be useful.

Now that everybody has recharged their appreciation for the outdoors, it is certain that we will see a mass of individuals choosing beneficial methods of traveling. Rather than public transport after the end of the pandemic. The use of bicycles and electric scooters will largely grow. As people will keep the social distancing and start being cautious with everything around them.

The world will never be the same after this.

Society is experiencing a drastic change in the way we live and travel because of the pandemic. And it is time to take initiative to make this to a progressive change. Through using tools and methods to live a safer and healthier life.