Electric Scooters Provide Safer Transportation During Covid-19

Electric Scooters Provide Safer Transportation During Covid-19

Electric scooters are convenient and practical personal transport vehicles. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic where social distancing is very important, this alternative mode of transportation is all the more necessary. Electric scooters aren’t legal in all states, unfortunately. Electric scooter Adelaide citizens would have been using by now for essential trips aren’t street legal.

Yes, there are had been incidents involving electric scooters, but this has proven to be caused by human carelessness. Electric scooters feel like an expensive toy for adults, even if they are a vehicle that can go for 30 km/h. The benefits of the electric scooter are good for both the state and its citizens for simple obvious reasons:

Provide social distancing on wheels.

Benefits of the electric scooter Adelaide city did not anticipate is the practicality of this transport vehicle even in the midst of crisis. It’s tricky to implement social distancing in public trains and buses. Electric scooters are for single use only.

Local government can work with e-scooter trial schemes.

E-scooter providers can track down and control their machines remotely. Local government can use it to monitor e-scooter sharing schemes that are still being implemented.   

Less time on the road.

Electric scooters are designed for short trips. It encourages people, by design, to be practical. A person using an electric scooter is going to only ride it on essential trips and spend less time on the road than they would in a car, motorcycle, and even bike.

Perfect for micromobility post-crisis.

Electric scooters are beneficial before, during, and after the pandemic. They don’t need gas, parking space, and road use. There are already bike lanes and shared paths everywhere in CBDs.  Brisbane and Canberra commuters already use them.  

With proper education and regulations that are already in place in some states, electric scooters provide more advantages. Complaining about scooters is like complaining about mobile phones. It’s a matter of how they are used. The Mearth S Pro electric scooter Adelaide commuters would’ve enjoyed is now available in our shop. Hopefully post-crisis, they can enjoy our free shipping as the city embraces electric scooters.