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How to Replace Electric Scooter Brake Pads



Electric scooters for adults offer commuters a convenient, sustainable, and affordable way to travel thanks to their compact size, zero emissions, and low-cost price tag. However, before you buy an electric scooter online, understand that you need to maintain your electric scooter properly to keep it in good condition. 


This includes caring for your electric scooter’s braking system and replacing its brake pads when needed. As an e-scooter owner, you need to know how to change a scooter’s rear brake pads to maintain your e-scooter.


What are Brake Pads?

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An electric scooter’s braking system is one of the most important parts of an e-scooter since it will keep you safe from accidents on the road. One of its most important components is the brake pads.


A brake pad is a small part of the brake calliper that applies pressure to the rotor to stop your e-scooter from moving. You can find two brake pads attached to a small spring piece in each calliper. Since brake pads are often subject to high pressure, they can wear down quicker.


When Should You Replace Brake Pads?

Change your electric scooter brake pads when you notice that the material is getting thin. You can take it out from time to time to inspect it and check for any wear and tear. Replace it immediately if it’s completely worn out. Also, you may replace the brake pads if you feel there’s less power in your brakes. 


Brakes usually last for around 200 to 600 miles, depending on how often you use your electric scooter. Many factors impact the condition of your brake pads and braking system. The key is to check your brakes regularly to know if you need any electric scooter brake repair.


How to Replace Electric Scooter Brake Pads

Before replacing the brake pads, prepare a pair of needle-nose pliers and an Allen wrench. Now, follow these steps to remove and replace your electric scooter brake pads successfully.


1. Remove the brake pad pin

The brake pads are located in the middle of the calliper, and it is held by a pin. To remove the brake pad, remove the pin carefully using a needle-nose plier. 


2. Remove the brake pad from the calliper 

Once the pin is removed, you can now remove the brake pad easily by pulling it out using the plier. Now, you can see your brake pads attached to the spring piece. Simply pull out the brake pads from the spring piece.


Keep in mind that once you remove the brake pad from the calliper, don’t use the brake lever. If you do, the pistons will be compressed and it will be difficult to remove them or put them back to normal.


3. Clean or replace the brake pads 

When you have removed the brake pads, you can choose to clean them or replace them with a new one. Ideally, it’s better to replace them to ensure safety. However, if you think it still has not worn out, you may choose to clean it to keep it in good condition.


To clean the brake pads, simply wash them with water and mild detergent. Make sure to remove any accumulated dirt or sediment.


4. Place the new or clean brake pads back into the calliper 

Attach the brake pads to the spring piece by simply sliding the spring at the edge of the calliper. Notice how the edges of the brake pads have a thin slot that allows the spring to fit right in.


To insert the brake pads into the calliper, squeeze the brake pads together and insert it into the calliper, where you pull it out. Make sure to align the hole in the spring piece to the hole in the calliper. After all, this is where you will insert the pin.


Once the brake pad is in place, insert the pin through the hole in the calliper and spring. When the pin is inserted, make sure to bend the end of the pin using a plier, so it doesn’t slide out of the hole. Don’t skip this detail as the bend in the pin will keep your brake pad in place, keeping you safe whenever you ride.


Bring Your Electric Scooter to a Mechanic

Replacing electric scooter brake pads is easy. However, if you ever need help with it or if something goes wrong, go to your local mechanic or retailer immediately to get it checked. First-time e-scooter owners may bring their e-scooter to a mechanic and learn how to change brake pads on a scooter. It will help you see how it’s done. So, you can do it right the next time.


For electric scooter brake repairs on any Mearth electric scooter, you may request a repair online. Simply complete and submit the form and a representative will be in touch. Learn more about Mearth’s repair policy on our FAQs page.

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