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How to Repair a Blown Electric Scooter Fuse


As with other vehicles and transport devices, an electric scooter for adults will also experience wear and breaking, especially if you have been using it for over two years. Moreover, riding your electric scooter recklessly and not maintaining it properly will deteriorate your e-scooter quicker. If this is the case, expect various electric scooter issues in the future, including a blown fuse or circuit breaker.

If you encounter a blown electric scooter fuse, this electric scooter repair guide will walk you through identifying its cause and solving the problem.

What is an Electric Scooter Fuse?

An electric scooter fuse is a small device consisting of a strip that breaks the current in case of a short circuit or over-current. To find the electric scooter fuse location, check within the deck of the e-scooter and among its electrical wires. Most e-scooters label their wires to help you find the fuse easily. It is often encased in a small white or coloured plastic. 

The different electric scooter fuse types include the GMA fuse, AGC fuse, AGU fuse, ATO/ATC, and MAXI. Most e-scooters use fuses with a 20 to 40 Amp range. Note that e-scooter fuses should be replaced with the same Amp rating. 

Meanwhile, the Voltage rating may be replaced with another. Most e-scooters use a 125V or 250V fuse. The voltage may be interchanged unless the manufacturer or a mechanic says otherwise.

Reasons Why the Fuse Blew

These are the two most common reasons why a blown electric scooter fuse happens.


If you use your electric scooter recklessly, the electrical components of your e-scooter, such as the speed controller and motor, will overheat. Motors or controllers that overheat can draw out massive power on the electrical system and cause the e-scooter fuse to blow. So, avoid pushing your e-scooter to the limit and riding it on extreme terrains and conditions.


Do you always ride with a heavy load? Or does your electric scooter have a small weight capacity to carry you? If you answered ‘yes’ to any or both of the questions, you are overloading your e-scooter. Overloading e-scooters that are not designed for heavy weights will result in the fuse burning out.

One solution to overloading is buying a powerful electric scooter with a heavy rider limit, such as the Mearth GTS Series. With a max weight capacity of 150 kg, you can ride long ranges and uphills with ease, even with a heavy load to carry.

How to Repair a Blown Electric Scooter Fuse

Follow this electric scooter troubleshooting guide to help repair your e-scooter fuse.

Find the Cause of the Blown Fuse

Start by finding the cause of the problem. Knowing the reason why your fuse blew will help you take the necessary steps to resolve it.

    • Check the condition of the fuse
      First, look inside the deck of your e-scooter and check for any damages, cuts, or burns in the fuse, wires, wire connectors, and other electrical components within the deck. Look for any loose wires or connections as well.

      You may also try to smell the components to know if any wire or component burned. If you smell a burning plastic smell, it means that a wire or component melted or burned. Components and wires that have been damaged or burned should be replaced immediately.

    • Check the speed controller
      When checking the speed controller, look at the wire and wire connectors on the speed controller. Are there damages or burns? Is there any smell of burned plastic or oil? If you find any of these signs, the speed controller is likely defective and is the cause of the blown e-scooter fuse.

      Have your speed controller changed immediately and avoid using your e-scooter until it is replaced. Bring it to a repair shop immediately or learn how to replace an electric scooter controller.

  • Check the motor
    Make sure to check the condition of your e-scooter motor. Look for any burns, cuts, or damages on the components and wires. Also, check for loose wires and connectors. If you recognise a burnt smell, it means that the motor’s coils overheated.

    If the motor overheats, the plastic insulation can melt off the motor’s wire windings and may cause a short circuit and damage to the controller. Change overheated motor coils promptly to avoid damaging the speed controller as well. Bring the e-scooter to a mechanic for your safety.

  • If the Electric Scooter Fuse Blows due to the Other Components

    Did you notice that the fuse blew when you hit the brakes? If so, check the condition of the brake light circuit. Meanwhile, if the fuse broke when you turned the key on or switched on the e-scooter, the fuse issue may be caused by any of the components that receive power upon turning on.

    In these instances, you may narrow your inspection if you notice a specific action or event that triggered the fuse to blow. Make sure to have a wiring diagram when inspecting the wires and components to identify them correctly. However, it’s recommended to bring your e-scooter to the mechanic immediately to prevent further damage.

    If the E-scooter Stops Working While Riding

    If your electric scooter stops working in the middle of your trip, one of the possible reasons could be a blown fuse. Look for a nearby repair shop to have your e-scooter checked immediately if this happens. Otherwise, stop using your e-scooter and inspect it at home.

    Check if the wires and wire connectors are in bad condition or if the components have any damage. If the fuse is busted, you need to replace it immediately. It’s best to have a mechanic replace it for your safety, especially if you are a first-time e-scooter owner.

    Bring Your Electric Scooter to a Repair Shop

    Hopefully, this guide gave you an idea of how to repair an electric scooter fuse. Overall, identify the cause of the blown fuse and replace the fuse immediately. Bringing it to the service centre is the best course of action if you encounter this problem to ensure that a professional handles the issue efficiently and safely.

    Go to the nearest repair store in your neighbourhood or bring your e-scooter to the retailer or manufacturer, especially if the e-scooter is still on warranty. Mearth offers one of the longest warranty policies among e-scooter brands, which is a sign of quality products and services. Learn more about our warranty policy

    Meanwhile, Mearth customers may bring or send their e-scooters for repairs at our Sydney office. Request a repair by filling out the form on the website and waiting for our support team to reach out.

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