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How to Choose an Electric Scooter?

As the popularity of electric scooters rises, more and more options are hitting the market. However, which is the right one for you? Are design and parts important, or maybe the price is the primary factor? Whatever your predetermined features may be, there are some things you will want to consider before making your choice. We’ll give you our recommendation at the end of this article but first, let’s look at the reasons. And by the end of this, you will be able to answer the question, how to choose an electric scooter?

What electric scooters are best for?

While electric scooters are not for trick tournaments and events, it can still be fun and adventurous to ride on. Electric scooters are very useful for daily errands as well. Because of its commuter qualities, electric scooters can bring you to places within a certain amount of time. Cost-wise, electric scooters are definitely cheaper than cars and other commuter vehicles. The price range is around $300 – $2500+ depends on how serious the upgrade in every specification incorporated in it. 

Let’s see what electric scooters can do for you before we proceed to the technicalities:

It is best for commute

Electric scooters are ideal for short-distance and long-distance traveling, depending on the specifications it has. The quality is perfect for daily commuting and has a smooth glide on flat surfaces and some have the motor power to climb steep hills. Plus, these are lightweight, easy fold, and can carry them up the stairs when needed.

It is best for errands

Running errands especially in this time when going outside for a long time is not advisable, you need efficient mobility with you. Just like the Mearth X Electric scooters, it is efficiently good because of the Kick Folding System it has. In just a second, it can be folded and carried away while doing your errands. Parking spaces and parking fees are not to worry as well. 

That being said, electric scooters are one less to worry about when going out. As it promotes social distancing too.

It is fun to use

It is efficient, it is durable and it is fun to use. Electric scooters are fun to ride on sidewalks, streets, and parks. The speed limit it can reach is 25 km/h, fast enough to have fun but slow enough to be safe within the limit. 

The best features

Electric scooters are a lot of fun, and far more comfortable to ride than the standard scooters which can be tiring and tricky to manage. The extra features of the electric scooter can be tricky to decipher if you are unsure as to what they refer:

  • Range: How many kilometers your scooter will give you in a ride
  • Battery size: The options include 10.4Ah 9.8Ah 7.6Ah 4.8Ah and more. The more amps, the longer your range.
  • Ease of Folding: How fast can you fold up the electric scooter to store it or to transport it.

It is important to remember that a 7.6Ah battery can outrun a lower end scooter with a 10.4Ah battery. The explanation for this simply comes down to battery quality. The efficiency of the scooter’s motor will affect the strain placed on the battery. It is for this reason that quality, trustworthy Brand scooters will give you a better range than cheaper imports as their batteries are of higher quality.


Electric scooter engines come in a range of sizes including:

  • 120W ( Weak)
  • 250W ( Good )
  • 300W ( Very Good )
  • 1000W ( Unusual and not necessary)

Higher wattage means higher torque with high-quality models usually offering around the 250-350W range. There will be two markers for power: rated power and instantaneous output. Rated power refers to a standard operation for normal riding where instantaneous refers to the burst of power the scooter gives when attempting an incline. Ideally, the instantaneous 400-600W output is plenty as it will allow you to ride a 15-25 degree angled hill with ease. The catch here is that some motors with a 300W if made with lower-quality parts, can be beaten by a 250W motor that has instantaneous power at 500W. For day to day riding, try to aim for a 250-350W size motor that has the potential to output instantaneously at 500W which will be all you need!

Max range

You’ll often see a maximum range listed on your scooter’s specs. Unfortunately, this is hard to quantify as riding conditions come into play. A scooter with a max range of 30km may only give you 20km if you are on steep inclines or stopping and accelerating a lot. 

Once again, quality comes into play as higher-end scooters can handle a little more rough-housing than the cheaper brands.


When it comes to choosing a wheel size there is an easy rule to remember; the bigger the wheel, the smoother the ride.

Scooter wheel sizes usually range from 5-inch to 10-inch. However, the larger end of the spectrum can often be too big and heavy for most scooters. It is recommended that a 6-7 inch wheel offer perfect balance, is excellent for compactivity, and gives a smooth ride over most terrain.

Airless vs. standard

When choosing between the two tire options, airless and standard, the names say it all:

Standard tires: Use air which makes for a slightly smoother ride, however, it requires more maintenance and is at risk of punctures. They often have a shorter lifespan than Airless tires.

Airless tires: These solid tires need little to no maintenance and will last a long time. The catch is you are in for a bumpier ride.

LED Display

Every electric scooter should have a color LED display as a standard feature. Cross any that don’t off your list.

An excellent display will allow you to monitor speed and battery life, with a few other informative inclusions depending on which model you choose.


Vitally crucial for your safety, you don’t want to mess around when it comes to the brakes!

The electronic scooter options are:

  • Magnetic (usually regenerative)
  • Disc ( A reliable, fast brake that unfortunately requires a lot of big wires)
  • Back mechanical brake (these are found in standard scooters which are convenient but don’t give the immediate stoppage of other options)

The ideal brake situation is a combination of the magnetic front brake and back mechanical brake for optimal safety.

Choose your scooter

Have you found the answer to your question now? Hopefully, the above information has given you a clearer idea of the options available to you when electric scooter shopping. 

Another benefit of buying locally is the warranty. Overseas distributors often require you to ship your scooter to another country in the case of needing a replacement which implies a further cost. There have been many cases where the scooters aren’t returned once shipped as well.

There is also a risk of some stores stocking fakes, something you may not, unfortunately, realize until a few months have passed.

For the best result, stick to an Australia Brand high-quality scooter for the best design and engineering available. You are supporting local businesses while getting a quality scooter that will last you a substantial amount of rides. Everyone wins!

Do you feel stressed and don’t know which one to go for? For an amazing e-scooter that ticks all of the above boxes, we recommend Mearth Electric Scooters. With 250-350W rated power, instantaneous output 500-600W, aero-grade aluminum, a premium battery, reliable dual-brake system, excellent LED display, and airless 5.5-6.5 inch tire, Mearth are the standout choice. As an added bonus, Mearth is an Australia Company that offers a trustworthy local warranty.

They are reliable, high-quality scooters using the latest technological innovation and design. If you want a scooter that will last while also giving you a smooth enjoyable ride, Mearth electric scooter is the best option and best value for your dollar.