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Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Electric scooters are fun to use. But it is also important to be safe while riding your scooter. There are accidents recorded with the misuse of electric scooters. These accidents are due to a lack of safety equipment and reckless riding. In order to have a safe journey while riding, here are electric scooter safety tips that you should know.

Know the basics

The basics are found in the manual. That is how to properly assemble the scooter. What should be the proper wires to connect to another. The manual is not that long to read. It just contains basic information that will surely help you on how to ride your electric scooter safely.

Always wear protective gear

One of the most important things to remember when riding a scooter is to wear an electric scooter helmet. Most users completely disregard the use of this but this medium-sized equipment will definitely help save your life.

Check your Ride

Before going outside with your electric scooter, always make sure to check if everything is fine and starting. Make sure that the tires do not have any visible damage to it. Check if the brakes are working properly. Make sure there is enough battery for your whole journey. And lastly, give it a quick overall scan to see that there is no damage. Then you are good to go.

Avoid slippery surfaces

Beware of the slippery and wet surface on the road. Any vehicle would have a hard time crossing on wet roads. So, it is important to take extra caution or it might cause injuries for you and any users. It would be better to keep a low speed on times like this.

Don’t drink and Drive

If ever you attend a party and had quite a few drinks, it is better not to ride on your scooter. It is never a good idea to drink and drive, even if it’s for an electric scooter or electric bike. It is for your safety and for others as well.

The best thing to do is to walk your way to public transportation or call for a cab. This will ensure you won’t get in any accidents or cause trouble for other people.

Scoot Solo

It may seem fun and enjoyable to ride in tandem on a scooter. But, electric scooters are not built for two people. Even though in adult and child pairs, it is not safe. Apart from this, scooters do not have an insurance policy, if any accidents, you would be held accountable.

Just ride solo on your electric scooter to avoid any hassle. Let your friends see you enjoy it, let them try and decide to buy their own.

Be aware of your surroundings

Watch where you are going. Always look behind and upfront for walking people and other scooter riders. Focus on the road, stay on your path, and look out for any barriers.

It is also important to respect other riders. Give way and don’t squabble against each other. Riding an electric scooter is just similar to driving other vehicles, there are traffic rules and road signs that should be followed. Abide by the rules and regulations, be a responsible rider.

Enjoy the Ride!

These are the electric scooter safety tips you should know about. Make sure to remember and apply them to your daily travels to avoid accidents and injuries. With great innovation, comes great responsibility. 

Remember to enjoy every moment of the but always remember to put the safety on everything first.