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Electric Scooter Law in Tasmania (TAS)

Electric Scooter Law in Tasmania (TAS)

Current electric scooter law in TAS recognises electric scooters as motorised scooters. According to Tasmanian law, motorised scooters are defined as a vehicle with two or more wheels, a wheel-supported footboard, handlebars, and single-person capacity.

Electric scooter road rules in TAS only allow e-scooters with a max power output of 200W on shared paths and roads with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/h. Unfortunately, most commercial electric scooters exceed the maximum power limit, so most riders can’t ride in public.

Meanwhile, riders of approved motorised scooters are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet. Moreover, riders:

  • Can use paths and roads with a max speed limit of 50 km/h except for roads with dividing lines
  • Must keep left when riding and must not carry a passenger
  • Must not use a road at night except if crossing by the shortest route
  • Must give way to pedestrians and ride with due care and attention

However, riders in TAS will soon be able to ride their e-scooters, as the state government announced that it will allow e-scooters in the summer of 2021. Shared and private electric scooters in TAS, as well as other personal mobility devices, will be able to use shared paths and local roads legally by summer.

According to the announcement by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, once the new electric scooter regulations are implemented, 16 years of age or older can use e-scooters as long as they wear a helmet, comply with road rules, and avoid main roads and highways. A campaign on the legal and safe use of e-scooters will also roll out.

In addition, the state will also hire shared e-scooter transportation in Hobart and Launceston. The e-scooter trial is set for a 12-month trial, which would operate app-based and user-pay basis within a set area. Currently, the cities of Hobart and Launceston are still looking for an e-scooter operator.

E-scooter riding tips for safer trips

Aside from keeping the electric scooter law in TAS, here are other e-scooter riding tips to keep you safe on the road.

1. Make sure your electric scooter is in top condition

Before heading out the streets or riding on private property, the key to a safe trip is ensuring that your electric scooter is in top shape. Always check the condition of your e-scooter to avoid running out of battery, experiencing a component breakdown, or having a flat tyre. Keep a checklist and make sure to put battery level, brakes, accelerator, tyre pressure, and tyre condition in your list, among many others. Here’s an electric scooter safety checklist for your reference.

2. Wear a proper helmet

E-scooter law in TAS requires riders to wear an approved bicycle helmet. Don’t forget to wear it before riding to protect yourself in case of collisions. Moreover, you may also wear additional protective gear such as elbow and knee pads, gloves, and eye protection to minimise your injuries in case of an accident. Riders are also advised to wear reflective clothing or fitted lights on the helmet to increase their visibility at night.

3. Focus on your surroundings

While riding, avoid using your phone or looking around. Remember that you are riding a high-speed device, so you should keep an eye on where you’re going and be mindful of your surroundings. It’s easy to be distracted and enjoy the ride, but always make sure to be alert to avoid any accidents. Following road rules, such as keeping left, is one good way to be mindful of your surroundings.

The perks of using an electric scooter

1. It’s the perfect first and last-mile vehicle

When commuting, some distances may feel too far to walk and too near to ride a car or take a taxi. In these situations, electric scooters close the gap by providing an efficient and portable solution. You can experience hassle-free commutes thanks to the e-scooter’s lightweight, efficient, and eco-friendly benefits.

2. An e-scooter is very affordable

Whether you are riding a shared or personal electric scooter, you can definitely save on costs as e-scooters offer better overall savings. The initial costs of buying an e-scooter may be a bit expensive, but there will be little to no costs after purchase. Meanwhile, shared e-scooters can cost around $5 for a 10-minute, which is similar to or less than public transportation.

3. You no longer have to think about parking

Thanks to the e-scooter’s folding mechanism, compact size, and light weight, you can carry an electric scooter anywhere you go. You can take an e-scooter up or down the stairs, inside a bus, and even inside an elevator. Moreover, storing it is easy, as it can fit under desks, inside closets, and other small spaces. With this in mind, you no longer have to worry about parking, since you won’t need to. 

Electric Scooter Laws in Australia

Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters(including where e-scooters can legally be used and whether these products need to be registered with the relevant road traffic authority). Any user of this product must ensure that that they check and abide by their local by-laws and use responsibly. Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your Mearth e-scooter. Click here to learn more about E-scooter regulations in your state

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