10 Reasons Commuters Choose Electric Scooters Over Cars

10 Reasons Commuters Choose Electric Scooters Over Cars

Electric Scooters Over Cars

A Neuron Mobility survey conducted in Newcastle upon Tyne, England found that a third of Neuron e-scooters replaced car journeys. The survey also found that 60 per cent of the riders combine their e-scooter trips with public transportation. These data suggest that more commuters prefer riding electric scooters over cars.


However, why are electric scooters so popular? Moreover, why should you choose electric scooters for adults rather than riding a car? After all, cars offer better comfort and convenience than e-scooters. Depending on your commuting needs, here are 10 reasons that make people switch over to electric scooters.


1. Sustainable Commutes

A major reason that more people ride electric scooters over cars is due to their zero emissions. Cities and commuters are becoming more eco-conscious and slowly shifting towards sustainable living. Personal electric micro-mobility devices (PEMDs), like e-scooters and e-bikes, offer carbon-emission-free rides, taking most cities by storm in recent years.


Aside from this, e-scooter parts are mostly recyclable. Having sustainable parts help reduce waste in landfills and prevent pollution in land and seas. Although the e-scooters contribute in small ways, their impact will prove significant in large numbers and the future.


2. Affordable Ride

Electric scooter sharing platforms and private electric scooters offer a more affordable option for commuters, especially for low-income individuals and families. E-scooters are significantly cheaper than cars, from retail price to maintenance. For example, a new car in Australia costs around $40,729, while a decent commuter electric scooter costs around $500-$700.


Other expenses, like fuel costs, parking fees, and maintenance costs, cost lower than cars. Overall, they make cost-efficient personal transportation, especially for those who need daily rides for work, school, and errands.


3. Less Maintenance

Electric scooters include fewer and less complicated parts than a car. This means you don’t have to take it to monthly or quarterly maintenance checks. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about high costs for certain parts. E-scooters rarely break down, unless you push them to their limits. As long as you ride, clean, and store your electric scooter properly, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance.


4. Perfect for Short-distance Trips

Most commutes include short-distance trips only. However, cars are rather inconvenient to use in short distance trips in terms of parking, fuel, and cost. E-scooters fill this gap in personal transport and provide a quick and efficient way to travel to nearby locations. Moreover, they help solve first and last-mile concerns. E-scooters are portable enough to be carried and brought inside public transportation, allowing riders better flexibility when commuting.


5. Quick and Efficient Personal Transport

Electric scooters may only have two wheels and a smaller engine, but it doesn’t fall short of speed. Some electric scooters can ride up to 70 kph, like the Mearth GTS MAX. However, most e-scooters can only ride up to 25 km/h or less in public in Australia. Nonetheless, this limited top speed is enough to zip through traffic and arrive at your destination quickly. Overall, riding electric scooters help cut down travel time by taking shorter or alternative routes and bypassing traffic.

6. Space-saving Vehicle

There are several pros and cons of electric scooters in cities. However, one major advantage of using or owning an electric scooter in the city is its space-saving benefit. E-scooters make it easy for riders to store them in small spaces and bring them anywhere, even inside elevators and establishments. As a result, there’s no need for parking. If more commuters use e-scooters, it is possible to reduce the number of parked cars that are congesting city streets.


7. Accessibility

Riding an electric scooter usually doesn’t require getting a license or registration. Moreover, it is easy to learn to ride it. Fewer requirements, affordability, and availability make e-scooters a more attractive option for commuters, especially those who need a hassle-free daily ride. Anyone can ride electric scooters as long as they are of minimum age as indicated in the law.


8. Security

Cars pose a higher security risk than electric scooters. Although there are reports of stolen electric scooters in Australia, there is a lower chance of having your e-scooter stolen. As long as you lock your electric scooter properly and securely when parking in public, you don’t have to worry about losing it. Moreover, you can simply bring the e-scooter with you if you are wary of parking it outside.


9. Extra Health Benefits

Standing on an electric scooter is better than sitting in a car, especially if you get stuck in traffic. Although riding e-scooters won’t help you gain muscles or lose weight, it will give riders a low-impact activity that is enough to gain extra health benefits. These include burning calories, strengthening core muscles, improving balance, and promoting better posture, among many others. Check out the other electric scooter health benefits that you can get from riding e-scooters.


10. Fun Travels

Finally, electric scooters add more fun and adventure to your daily commutes. Many riders enjoy the feel of the wind blowing past their face and the thrill from its speed. Moreover, it helps relieve stress for some riders as they can ride anywhere and anytime. It is easy and convenient to make a quick detour to the park or movies since you don’t have to worry about parking space and fuel costs. Overall, riding e-scooters can make you feel like a kid again as you enjoy zipping through the streets.


Time to Switch to E-scooters

Are e-scooters worth it? Definitely! Electric scooters offer a range of advantages, from practical benefits to fun perks. You may find more benefits to using them, depending on your needs. Consider riding an e-scooter today if you prefer an affordable, portable, and easy-to-use everyday ride.


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