How to Lock an Electric Scooter Properly and Securely

How to Lock an Electric Scooter Properly and Securely




The secret to securing your electric scooter does not entirely rely on a lock. Although strong electric scooter locks provide high security, some are still vulnerable to cutting or breaking. So, locks do not guarantee security. 


However, knowing the proper way to lock an electric scooter will provide better security and make it difficult for persistent thieves from stealing them. Whether you are a new electric scooter owner or a long-time e-scooter rider, the following tips will guide you on how to lock a scooter to a bike rack or pole.


Which Type of Electric Scooter Lock Should You Use?

Before listing down how to lock your e-scooter properly, one important aspect to securing your e-scooter is buying the right type of electric scooter lock. Riders can find different types of locks in the market, including a disc lock, U-lock, chain lock, and folding lock. However, which one is the best scooter lock for you?


Chain locks and U-locks are often recommended for e-scooter riders due to their strong cutting and breaking resistance. However, both types of locks lack portability, especially if you get a heavy chain lock and U-lock. Despite this, both locks are popular choices not only for e-scooters but also for bicycles and motorcycles.


Recommended Electric Scooter Locks

If you don’t know which e-scooter lock to get, here are a few suggestions.


  1. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit
    The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1410 lock is one of the strongest chain locks in the market. It is highly recommended as it uses a 14-mm manganese steel chain lock that is very resistant to cutting. It may be expensive and heavy, but you can be at ease knowing that this lock will protect your e-scooter.


  1. Hiplok Wearable Chain Lock
    The Hiplok Gold Chain lock is a wearable chain lock that can be used as a belt, making it easy to carry for everyday e-scooter riders. It is made from a 10-mm chain and a 12-mm shackle that spans 85 cm. Overall, it’s a high-quality chain lock that offers better portability than most chain locks.


  1. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1004 Double Loop Cable
    The KryptoFlex 1004 is one of the best electric scooter locks for those looking for a lightweight and flexible lock. This braided steel cable lock is also one of the cheapest electric scooter locks that you can buy. However, cable locks are recommended for areas with low theft rates, as they are more prone to cutting than chain locks.


How to Lock an Electric Scooter Properly

 Image of parked electric scooters by egor myznik

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

1. Buy an electric scooter lock that fits

After choosing the right e-scooter lock for you, make sure to buy one that fits your e-scooter. To find the right lock size, look at your e-scooter and see if there are any locking points that you can use to secure your e-scooter. Locking points are parts of your e-scooter where the locks can be tied or inserted. These include the e-scooter stem, handlebars, and the holes or gaps in your e-scooter design. Choose an e-scooter lock size that will fit your locking points.

2. Look for a safe area to park your electric scooter

When parking your e-scooter, make sure to park it in an area where people can easily see it. For example, look for a bike rack or pole near a building entrance. Putting it in a crowded area will make a thief hesitant to steal your e-scooter. After all, the thief will be at high risk of getting caught.


Moreover, avoid parking your e-scooter in dark places that are away from the public’s view, such as a dark alleyway or between two cars. When leaving it in a parking lot, always park it within a security camera’s vicinity, so you have footage to check in case of a theft.

3. Lock the electric scooter to a fixture

When parking, place your e-scooter beside a solid and permanent fixture that can’t be cut or carried easily. This fixture will serve as your anchor to keep your e-scooter safe from being taken away. The safest fixtures include a bike rack, aluminium or steel post, a signpost, and a stairs railing. Avoid metal fences and thin fixtures as these can be cut easily.

4. Secure the electric scooter through the locking points

Using your chosen electric scooter lock, join and secure your e-scooter tightly against the fixture. If you are using a chain lock, tie the chain lock around the fixture and the locking points. Make sure that it is tightly wrapped and there’s no gap. The best location to secure your e-scooter is around the stem or folding mechanism.

5. Cover your electric scooter

This step is optional. However, if you want extra protection from theft, use an electric scooter cover when parking your e-scooter outside. This will make your e-scooter less eye-catching and more discreet. Plus, it will keep it safe from dust and rain.


Before leaving, make sure you get all your valuables that are stored in your e-scooter bag or basket, and check if the lock is tight and secure.


Keep your electric scooter secure and safe when parked

Protect your electric scooter from thieves by buying the right lock for your e-scooter, finding the right parking space, and securing it tightly. Practice these tips when you park and lock an electric scooter in public to make it extra secure. 


If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter and are worried about theft issues, consider getting an electric scooter model that offers extra security features like a built-in anti-theft alarm. However, keep in mind that no e-scooter is still safe no matter how much you protect it. The only way to truly protect it is to bring it with you at all times and not park or store it outside.


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