The 4 Must-have Anti-theft Accessories for Electric Scooters

The 4 Must-have Anti-theft Accessories for Electric Scooters



Electric scooter theft has become rampant in Australia as the new mode of transportation steadily takes over city streets. In fact, last May, Jim Nealon, a pensioner in Queensland, had his electric scooter stolen right in front of him. Fortunately, locals offered to replace his stolen electric scooter

However, not all will be as lucky as Mr Nealon to have their e-scooter replaced for free. The best way to prevent e-scooter theft is to keep your electric scooter safe and secure in the first place. To start keeping your e-scooter safe in public, here are must-have anti-theft accessories for electric scooters.

Must-have Anti-theft Electric Scooter Accessories

1. Electric Scooter Lock

Kryptonite New York LS U-lock

Kryptonite New York LS U-lock / Image via Amazon

Electric scooter locks offer the best protection when leaving your e-scooter in public. Take note that there are different types of electric scooter locks, and each lock offers pros and cons.

  • Chain lock
    Chain locks are made from thick and heavy chains, and it offers one of the highest levels of security. Although it is quite heavy to carry, it is very easy to use, and it helps riders securely e-scooters of any size. Check out this article for some of the best chain locks in the market.

  • Cable lock
    Just like a chain lock, cable locks are also a wrap-around type of lock. However, cable locks are much lighter and easier to carry than chain locks. Some cable locks feature a combination lock, padlock, or loops at the end of their cable. See some of the best electric scooter cable locks that you can buy.

  • U-lock
    Lastly, a U-lock is a heavy U-shaped metal lock that is used to join an e-scooter to a pole or rack and prevent it from being carried or stolen. U-locks are secure and durable, but some locks can be vulnerable to breakage under extreme force or pressure. Nonetheless, it’s a good e-scooter lock for theft prevention. Look at some of the best U-locks for electric scooters.


Choose the right electric scooter lock based on your security needs, budget, and lifestyle. 


2. Wireless Anti-theft Alarm

Image of Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration E Scooter Alarm

Wsdcam Wireless Anti-theft Alarm / Image via Amazon


In case your electric scooter gets stolen, a loud alarm will notify you and other pedestrians, which can prevent the thief from escaping. For example, the Wsdcam Wireless Anti-theft Alarm uses vibration as a trigger and produces a loud 113 decibel sound to alert everyone within the vicinity. It can also be attached to the stem or handlebar of your electric scooter.


These types of security features offer a low-key way to keep your e-scooter extra safe when parked. Fortunately, many wireless alarms are affordable, so it’s a good investment to keep your e-scooter secure. It’s one of the most helpful electric scooter anti-theft accessories that you can buy.


3. Anti-theft Electric Scooter Bag

Image of Epessa Scooter Storage Bag

Epessa Scooter Storage Bag / Image via Amazon


If you need to store a few belongings, tools, or items with your e-scooter, buying an anti-theft electric scooter bag will keep your stuff safe from thieves. However, it’s not recommended to store important belongings, such as your phone and wallet, inside the e-scooter bag.


These bags can be attached easily to the e-scooter stem and are made out of waterproof hardshell material. It’s a popular choice among commuters for its convenience and affordability. Plus, you can further secure the bag using a small padlock.


4. Tracking Device 72

Image of LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker / Image via Amazon 


Installing a tracking device on your e-scooter will allow you to trace and retrieve your e-scooter in case it gets stolen. These tracking devices are often small and can be attached to your e-scooter discretely or stored inside an e-scooter bag. 


Some tracking devices also alert owners and show real-time information via an app in case it gets stolen. Trackers like the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker only cost $51.41, making them an affordable investment to your e-scooter’s security.


Extra Tips to Keep Your Electric Scooter Safe in Public

Aside from using the anti-theft accessories above, prevent your electric scooter from getting stolen by following these safety tips. 

Park in a safe spot

When parking your electric scooter in a public space, always look for an area that’s safe to park. This includes places with available bike racks and areas with high foot traffic like a busy street or a park. 


The idea is to secure your electric scooter in a place where other people can see your e-scooter. After all, thieves are less likely to steal your e-scooter in a place where they can be easily seen or caught.


If you are within a parking lot, place your electric scooter near a surveillance camera. In case of theft, it is easier to track down the thief. Finally, avoid areas in your neighbourhood with high theft rates.

Secure your electric scooter properly

Aside from getting a durable and secure lock, you should know how to lock your electric scooter properly. If you are using a chain lock, make sure to wrap the chain around the e-scooter and the rack and tie it securely. 


If you are using a U-lock, hook the U-lock around the folding mechanism, e-scooter stem, or other parts of the e-scooter that will help secure it in place, like a hole in the e-scooter design. Overall, learn the proper way to lock your e-scooter securely.

Don’t leave it outside as much as possible

If possible, bring your e-scooter inside an establishment or building instead. After all, the safest place to park your e-scooter is right beside you. Since electric scooters are compact and lightweight, it is easy to bring e-scooters inside elevators or carry them along the stairs.


For example, the Mearth S electric scooter features a compact design, folding mechanism, and a 12.5 kg weight, allowing riders to carry and store it anywhere they go.


Make Sure to Invest in Anti-theft Electric Scooter Accessories

One way to maximise your electric scooter and keep using it for a long time is to protect it from theft. Invest in the e-scooter accessories above to keep your e-scooter secure when leaving it in public. Although some anti-theft accessories are quite expensive, think of them as an investment to prolong the use of your e-scooter.

For more electric scooter guides and tips, check out Mearth’s blogs.