Why You Should Take Advantage of Electric Scooter Test Rides

Why You Should Take Advantage of Electric Scooter Test Rides


Choosing the right electric scooter for adults is difficult. Manufacturers and retailers offer a wide range of models that perform differently and cater to specific needs. Aside from this, sometimes the specs and features only look good on paper but don’t reflect actual riding conditions. That’s why some people are hesitant to buy electric scooters online since they may not turn out as advertised.

If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter but are sceptical about a specific model’s quality and reliability, consider taking an electric scooter test ride. A test ride will give you a realistic look at your chosen e-scooter model and help you decide whether to buy it or not. Learn about the different benefits of an electric scooter test ride and consider scheduling an appointment today.

The Advantages of Taking Electric Scooter Test Rides

1. See the E-scooter in Person

One advantage to visiting a store and taking a test ride is seeing the e-scooter in person and up close. If you have been browsing and researching electric scooters online, it is difficult to gauge their size, dimensions, weight, and other features. Although most manufacturers provide measurements, it is easier to see if it is the right size or if it is portable enough for you to carry or store when you look at it face to face.

Moreover, checking the e-scooter in person will help you determine if it suits your preference in terms of looks. Does the e-scooter give off the stylish or minimalist look that you are looking for? Does it look the same or different from what was advertised? Consider asking yourself these questions.

Lastly, looking at the e-scooter up close allows you to inspect details that you may not see in pictures online. You can check the folding mechanism, tyres, bolts, screws, display, controls, and other parts of the e-scooter. Does the e-scooter fold quickly and easily? Does the overall build feel sturdy and durable? Observe and touch the e-scooter and see if it provides the quality that you are looking for.

2. Test the E-scooter Performance

Riding the electric scooter and testing its performance is the main reason to take a test ride today. It is your chance to see if the specs and features advertised reflect the actual performance.

Some of the characteristics you should test include speed, acceleration, and brakes. Does it reach its top speed? For acceleration, how fast does it go from zero to max speed? Also, check if the brakes provide a strong grip and if it has a long or short braking distance. Take note that the electric scooter brakes are a vital part of your e-scooter’s safety feature. So, don’t forget to test this.

If you will be riding on hilly terrains, make sure to test ride an e-scooter on a slope to see if it performs well. Some manufacturers include the maximum hill grade of an e-scooter. It indicates how steep an e-scooter can ride uphill. Test how steep an electric scooter can climb in real-world conditions.

Finally, consider the overall comfort and ride quality while testing the e-scooter. Does the deck provide enough space for you to stand on? Are the controls intuitive? Is the ride rattling or stable? Is it easy to manoeuvre? Can it carry a lot of weight? Moreover, do you feel safe riding it? Consider these questions to help you assess the e-scooter.

3. Have the Opportunity to Ask Questions

During an electric scooter test ride, you get the opportunity to talk with the retailer and learn more about their service. Take this chance to ask more about the e-scooter and the after-sales services, such as repairs and maintenance.

Keep in mind that your relationship with a retailer doesn’t stop after purchasing your ride. You will most likely need their service again for emergency repairs and regular maintenance. However, make sure to confirm if your retailer offers these services as some e-scooter stores don’t provide them.

Aside from this, ask the retailer about their warranty service. Do they offer a warranty service or do they uphold the manufacturer’s policy? Most electric scooter warranties last for three months up to a year.

However, a few e-scooter brands provide longer warranties. For example, Mearth’s warranty policy offers two years of warranty for the frame of any Mearth e-scooter and a one-year warranty for the main body, battery, motor, and controller of any Mearth e-scooter.

Overall, take this opportunity to ask all the questions that you may have regarding the electric scooter and the retailer’s service.

4. Avoid Paying for the Wrong E-scooter

Electric scooters are cheaper than cars, but they will still cost money. Buying the wrong electric scooter model for your needs and lifestyle is a bad investment and a waste of your time and money. An electric scooter test ride will help you determine if your chosen e-scooter falls short or exceeds your expectations. Avoid paying for an e-scooter that doesn’t suit your needs by taking a test ride today.

Schedule a Test Ride Today

Overall, booking a test ride will enable you to check the quality and reliability of a specific e-scooter. Ultimately, it will help you decide on the right electric scooter for you.

Mearth offers distinct electric scooter models that cater to Australian commuters. Taking our e-scooters for a ride will help you see and feel their difference from other brands or your current ride. If you are interested in checking our e-scooters in person, we offer a quick and easy electric scooter test ride in Australia.

Simply schedule a test drive via the website, complete the details on the form, and visit our office at Unit 1 Workit Spaces Unit B1/13 21 Mandible St., Alexandria, New South Wales during your appointment.

Make sure to come prepared before going to your schedule. Take time to research the e-scooter, and list down any questions you may have about the model or after-sales. It will help you get all the answers you may need to decide on whether to buy the e-scooter or not.

For more electric scooter guides, tips, and news, check out Mearth’s blogs.