Mearth S E-Scooter with Extra Battery and Airlite Helmet Bundle | Mearth Electric Scooter

Mearth S 2024 E-Scooter + Extra Battery + Airlite Helmet + Hardshell Bag + Lock

Mearth S 2024 E-Scooter + Extra Battery + Airlite Helmet + Hardshell Bag + Lock

Mearth S 2024 E-Scooter + Extra Battery + Airlite Helmet + Hardshell Bag + Lock


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Introducing the ultimate Mearth S E-Scooter bundle, featuring the Mearth S Electric Scooter, an Extra Battery, the Airlite Helmet, a Hardshell Bag, and the Mearth E-Scooter Lock for comprehensive convenience and security.

Mearth S E-Scooter + Extra Battery + Airlite Helmet + Hardshell Bag + Lock

Performance Specifications:

  • Top Speed: Reach a maximum speed of 25 kph, extendable to 32 kph in optimal conditions, with three-speed modes: Eco, Standard, and Sports.
  • Range: Enjoy a maximum range of 25 km on a single charge, with the ability to swap batteries for an additional 25 km range, ensuring extended journeys.
  • Battery: Powered by a 230.4 Wh battery, the Mearth S offers a replaceable battery system for convenient swapping and rapid 2 to 4-hour recharging.
  • Hill Climbing: Conquer inclines of up to 15 degrees effortlessly, albeit with a slight speed reduction depending on weight and velocity.

Ride Quality and Portability:

  • Despite its slim and...

mearth s series Mearth S & mearth s proTHE ENTRY-LEVEL ELECTRIC SCOOTER

Every Mearth model is made with high-quality, locally-designed components – proudly Australian!

The Mearth S 2023 Series was birthed because of a customer demand, from the need to create a simple electric scooter. Yes, S in Mearth S, stands for simple. Simple, straightforward but still a superior electric scooter. The Mearth S 2023 Series is uncomplicated, easily understood, presenting no difficulty – just the way an entry–level e-scooter should be.

The Mearth S 2023 Series has 2 models to choose from: the S and the S PRO

The 2023 models now has:

  • - New red wheels for easy distinction/recognition
  • - New brushless motor 8x for more efficiency yet same power consumption
  • - New Connection pin design to link battery to e-scooter
  • - New Sinewave Controller for smoother, efficient power delivery
  • - More power output for farther distance

Perfect for your daily commute or your city leisure riding!



Default range for Mearth S is up to 25km and 30km for S Pro, but can be upgraded to 45km with the Mearth & Panasonic co-engineered supercharged lithium battery. The Mearth S Pro’s maximum speed is set as 25kph by default, but can be manually overridden by user to go to 32kph. However, we do not recommend going past 25kph unless in a safe and controlled environment. Top speed and range was determined in a lab condition with a smooth surface, for riders weighing 60-70kg at 50-60% speed. Note that cruise control is on by default.

Reliable Disc Brakes

Reliable Disc Brakes


  • - For brighter recognition
  • - Specially made for the 2023 version

The Mearth S Series 2023 both have pneumatic tires but differ in size.

The Mearth S 2023 is 8.5” while the Mearth S Pro is 10”.

Both models also have a 15° max hill climb and a max speed of 25 km/h (Mearth S) and 32 km/h (Mearth S Pro) and can carry 100 kg max weight!

Therefore it is equipped with reliable disc brakes that have passed industry standard testing to be able to be one of the safest and best types of e-scooter brakes in the market. That is indeed a system for maximum protection! Because when it comes to safety, Mearth’s got you covered!

Now both the young adults and the young-at-heart can have all the fun with the assurance of a strong braking power for needed protection on every trip.

For maximum protection, ALWAYS wear your safety gear and your approved helmet!


Mearth S Mearth S PRO

Hot Swappable Batteries

Hot Swappable Batteries


The Mearth S series e-scooters, both the S and S Pro get its magic from the behind-the-scenes features that happen within. This includes its Hot Swappable Batteries (charging time is 8-9 hours)

{Hot Swappable Batteries} / noun

  • Act of removing components from or plugging them into a system while the power remains switched on.
  • Parts can be changed without shutting down or rebooting a system.
  • Features a highly efficient and concentrated lithium battery power that turns kinetic energy into electric energy.
  • specification

  • These batteries also come with six intelligent protection mechanisms:

  • Short-circuit
  • Over-current
  • Double-over-charge,
  • Double-over-discharge,
  • Temperature anomaly and
  • Under-voltage protection (automatic sleep)

  • Wide Led Display

    Wide Led Display

    The Mearth S Series 2023 uses a LED Display Screen with digital information in the colors of white and red over the black background of the Mearth electric scooter. The throttle on the other hand is hot red so it catches your full attention.

    Red, white and black are exactly Mearth’s signature colors.

    The LED Display conveniently shows the Speed, Multifunction, Gear and the Unit Display of your Mearth S/S Pro e-scooter.

    Enjoy a clear view display even in bright daylight. Everything is accessible in just a click of a button!


    Mearth S Mearth S PRO




    The Mearth S Series 2023 is the lightest series in the Mearth family, to date. The Mearth S weighs only 12.5 kg while the Mearth S Pro, is 15 kg – still easily portable, foldable and magical with a 3-second folding mechanism.

    Ride with ease, safety and be unlimited!

    Easy Folding Mechanism

    Easy Folding Mechanism


    It only takes seconds to fold the Mearth S Series 2023 electric scooters for the experienced riders.

    Tried and tested! It really is as simple as folding and snapping it down to the lock stem.

    For the beginners, you’ll be an expert in no time!

    Folded, the Mearth S Series 2023 electric scooter is more compact and can easily be carried around. Go anywhere and anytime with the Mearth S electric scooter!