Electric Bike - Zero


Mearth Electric Bike ZERO | Lightest Ebike in Australia

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  • Size: 174*33*110 CM
  • Net Weight:21KG
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Max Speed: 25Kph
  • Rated Capacity: 24V Portable LG Battery
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Max Range: 40KM
  • Warranty: 3 years on Frame. 1 year on Motor and Battery
  • Package Contents: One bike, One charger, A pair pedal
  • Certification: Comply with EN15194 
  • Delivery: We only ship in Sydney and provide store pick up at the moment.

    Bike riding has never been made so easy and cool. Have a passion for cycling but having trouble in scaling them uphill terrains (some riders might find it so), the value-for-money Mearth E-Bike can help overcome that.

    Lightweight LG battery

    - The lightweight structure of the E-Bike battery makes it extremely convenient for you to detach the battery from the E-Bike’s frame to bring back to your house/office for charging.

    (Eliminates the need of bringing the whole bike back with you for charging).

    Charging 3 hours for around 40KM.

    Battery Locker

    - The battery also comes with a lock, to prevent it from getting stolen and preventing theft.

    - The Mearth E-Bike utilizes high quality LG manufactured batteries which are safe to use and optimizes your riding experience.

    - Moreover, the E-Bike’s battery can also serve as a power bank, allowing you to charge your phone with it and not worrying about your phone ever running out of battery again.

    Heat-Bent Frame

    User-friendly and manufactured with a heat-bent frame, the Mearth E-Bike allows users like you to be able to ride in comfort throughout your journey.


    Equipped with a comfortable cushioned seating and 10 level of adjustable seat-post to add to your comfort when riding the E-Bike.

    * Level 1 to Level 10 suitable 153CM to 188CM people.