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What is the Future of Electric Scooters?

What is the Future of Electric Scooters?

Scooters have always been viewed as those flimsy, two-wheeled vehicles which are typically ridden for recreation operated by one foot on the footboard with another pushing against the ground to generate force to propel the vehicle forward. It can also be an open motor vehicle with the driver sitting on top of its enclosed engine with both feet resting on the floorboard next to the engine. 

But as technology advanced, scooters have also evolved. Like cars switching from the typical combustion engines to the newer eco-friendly electric engine, now we have scooters that are powered by electricity.  The use of electric scooters has increased due to its popularity, convenience, and efficiency as a personal transport around major cities. This caused an increase in demand for Escooters. Electric scooters also save the environment by using electricity as a means of generating power rather than the conventional combustion engine which produces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, and sulfur oxides which causes a negative impact on the environment. 

Given all these improvements that eScooters have evolved to, it’s viewed to be among the rides of the future.  Why? 


Electric scooters are compact with some models being foldable making them easier to carry. This includes riding private and public transportation and carrying indoors when walking. It being compact also makes it easier to store and takes less space for storage. Electric scooters are also very light as most models nowadays come with aluminum and carbon fiber as the main element in production having only 10kg to 15kg weight in average, but despite its lightweight feature, it can support up to 10 times its own weight.


Since electric scooters use electricity rather than combustion fuel for it to run, it helps save the environment by reducing the amount of carbon emission that is generated into the atmosphere. This helps lessen the greenhouse gasses caused by carbon emission and slows down global warming.

Electric scooters are also more affordable and more accessible to the public making it easier to promote them in cities. Electric scooters can also be charged in a conventional house using electricity from electrical grids. This means that charging these vehicles at home produces less carbon emissions since most countries nowadays tend to retire coal power plants and now start to push in cleaner sources for their electric grids.


Majority of the causes in traffic are private vehicles with only one occupant - the driver. Imagine the amount of space and their contribution to the traffic. Seriously, if we consider using electric scooters instead, traffic may reduce because using cars as a means for personal travelling short distances adds more vehicles on the road than public transportation. This also reduces the amount of time drivers would go around blocks trying to find a place to park thus causing more traffic. Electric scooters would take you from point A to point B while avoiding the majority of the city’s traffic lights and the traffic itself and it helps you maximize your time by saving you the time to find a parking area to park your personal vehicle.


The use of electric scooters makes it a lot easier to run errands. Depending on the type of electric scooter and the battery capacity of the model, it could travel between 10 to 40 kilometers before the need to recharge for 3 to 8 hours. Electric scooters are also quite affordable and they do not consume gasoline or other petroleum-based fuels which makes them cheaper to power up since electricity costs less than petrol or diesel. Electric scooters also require less maintenance which saves you the time and money to have your vehicle maintained over time thus reducing the overall cost over the course of ownership.


Walking can often be boring and tiresome. Why walk when you can ride in style? If you plan to travel short distances that would make you feel like it’s an eternity when done on foot, fear not as electric scooters help you save your energy. Its small size also makes it easier to use in alleys and tight corridors where other vehicles couldn’t enter. Plus, it helps you stay hydrated by exerting lesser effort in travelling short distances making them ideal for travelling short distances during a hot, sunny day.

In the future, going from one place to another could soon be replaced by using the electric scooters. This includes everyday walks. Its demand also continues to increase with more and more people wanting to switch to a cheaper and efficient alternative in travelling. They are convenient and have a great value per money making you save more for the essentials especially during this pandemic which has caused a decrease in the economy. If you want to get your hands on a sweet electric scooter, you can visit Adventure Co or USA Minimotors and check their store for a variety of scooters that’ll fit and satisfy your needs.