Announcing Mearth’s Latest Partnership with iBikes Australia

Announcing Mearth’s Latest Partnership with iBikes Australia

Announcing Mearth’s Latest Partnership with iBikes Australia - Mearth-E-scooter

In an ever changing world where others may think that our technology is still not enough to satisfy our needs, transportation has come a long way ever since the wheel was invented. From four wheeled-vehicles to even a hoverboard, the transportation industry just keeps on evolving with newer, more innovative ideas. Mearth Electric Scooters, together with iBikes Australia, have teamed up to cater your transportation needs. Whether you are into road racing, fitness riding, mountain biking, downhill, touring, commuting or just looking to purchase your first bike or electric scooter, both Mearth and iBikes Australia’s friendly teams are here to help you out. 


With a common vision, Mearth and Ibikes Australia will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide more products and services for customers through up-coming collaborations. Through this partnership, both companies aim to show more people that the idea of sustainable transportation is not a thing of the past anymore. The technology needed for this endeavor is already within our reach. With the combined efforts of these companies, the success of this mission is far from impossible.


Innovations like electric scooters and electric bikes are more sustainable, more convenient and much more fun. They also believe that they are the future of transportation and that they’re aiming to make the best electric scooter Australia has to offer. 


Both of these companies realize that buying a new bike/electric scooter can be a daunting task with so many makes and models available. With every model designed for a specific purpose, it makes it really hard to choose or even consider which one will best suit your needs. That is where the team from both companies can share their range and help you make the most informed decision for the type of riding you are looking to do. With the same mindset, both companies think to expand the services by working in close partnership. To satisfy the customers by providing the best products and services. This partnership will surely help both parties enhance and enrich each business and also provide newer services to the masses.


And that is why Mearth, in partnership with iBikes Australia, the most centralized bike and electric scooter vendor around, have a very bright future ahead all in service of the people who are in need of a better, private mode of transportation. With these two together, more and more people will come to embrace the idea of a better, sustainable way of transport that is also at the same time beneficial to all parties concerned. So come visit their stores and take one of their bikes or electric scooters for a test ride today to immerse yourself in the world of sustainable transportation.