Mearth is now available in Spark Bikes! | Mearth Electric Scooter

Mearth is now available in Spark Bikes!

Mearth proudly announces its partnership with Spark Bikes to bring sustainable, micro mobile, and affordable personal transportation to Australia. Mearth and Spark Bikes fans can now see and order Mearth electric scooters through Spark Bikes’ online shop and physical stores across Australia.

Since its launch in 2015, Mearth has been researching, designing, and producing electric scooters for a range of Australian riders. As Australia’s first electric scooter developer, Mearth focuses on providing quality, portable, sustainable, and fun e-scooters for the needs of different riders. Mearth also offers electric scooter accessories, after-sales support, and repairs for full customer service.

Because of their innovative electric scooters, Mearth gained recognition as one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry in Australia. Today, Mearth continues its mission to make life easier and efficient for riders and empower people to take sustainable transportation.

Meanwhile, Spark Bikes is an Australian-owned and operated electric micro-mobility company that provides quality, safe, and affordable electric bikes for the gig economy. Launched in 2019, Spark Bikes also provides professional electric bike and bicycle servicing including brands such as NCM, Velectrix, Giant, and more. Riders can get a free diagnosis, have their flat tyres or loose brakes fixed, or have a full service which includes a safety check, new brake pads, adjusting and aligning brakes and gears, full bike lubrication, and more. 

Spark Bikes also offers refurbished electric bikes with a 3-month warranty, further making electric bikes more affordable and accessible. Spark Bikes currently has four stores across Australia, specifically in Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Through this partnership, Mearth and Spark Bikes make sustainable electric vehicles accessible and available to Australian riders. For those who would like to browse through or order Mearth electric scooters, check out Mearth’s shop for the complete specs and prices. For any enquiries on our products, services, and partnerships, get in touch with Mearth via +61 488854129 or